Professor Ismail Raji al Faruqi was a co-founder of International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) and Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS). Results 1 – 12 of 18 The Essence of Islamic Civilization (Occasional Paper) (Occasional Papers Series). Jan 1, by Ismail Raji Al-Faruqi and Anas S. Isma’il Raji al-Faruqi (January 1, – May 27, ) was a Palestinian- American philosopher who spent several years at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, then.

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I cannot overstate how seriously I think we need to take ourselves. Moreover, to understand humans as ismaol means also to understand them as member of a common or public discourse. Let him observe the issue and see that what he has loved is not a foundation of Jerusalem, but a river of Babylon. This promises too much.

Ismail al-Faruqi

The immediate future was to belong not to some unified Christian Empire but to individual nation states, where Christians would come to identify themselves first an Englishmen or Frenchmen or Germans, and turn in their hopes for peace not to the Pope but to the might of ismxil national armies, or, later, to secular international organizations.

The family was declared by God an intrinsic order of creation. Our Vatican Secretariats, one for Christian Unity, another for Non-Christians with two Commissions, one for relations with Judaism, the other for relations with Islam, both oft hem established on the same day, 22nd Octoberanother Secretariat for Non- Believers, together with the World Council of Churches and so many other International Organizations among which I limit myself to mentioning the Kennedy Institute, the lnterreligous Peace Colloquium that iamail our host, the Standige Konferenz von Juden, Christen und Muslims in Europa, etcare all bearing fruit in the exchange of ideas and in friendship.


Thirdly and iastly, a poem by Edwi.

Ismail Faruqi

It is disappointingly little. Rahman reminisced in that al-Faruqi’s blunt anti-Zionism and his refusal to play the detached scholar “frightened” his McGill colleagues.

And our concrete situation is that the old way of making the world work no longer works. This basic unity of faith is of such importance that it allows us to consider our differences with serenity and with a sense of perspective: The author is saying that it takes terrestrial reality seriously because it takes God seriously. Driven by the insatiability of its need for significance, the self pursues a practical polytheism, making gods out of the many goods of the material world.

And this is, in fact, the case with regard to the Trinity. Matters which are not dealt with by any law, hardly ever considered by custom, ‘Qur”an 4: But love and I had the wit to win; We drew a circle that took him in”. It therefore presents its case as a demand of nature, a necessary requisite of reason, a critical truth Qur’an Therefore, the antinomy is expressed.

Berith means establishing partial community. It is an awesome and terrible responsibility. Regarded the political, economic, and religio-cultural malaise of the Islamic community as a product of the bifurcated state of education in the Muslim world, which has resulted in a loss of identity and world vision.

All all institutions have a right to provisional authority – but become extremely dangerous when they identify their own policies with universal good. But they belong to the first level of social organization, viz.


Dr. Ismail Raji al-Faruqi Showcase |

The people of Israel are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In this however, as well as in the other criticisms, Islam is not alone.

It is the realism that knows that issues of distributive justice can no longer be aal into a rapidly and indeterminately expanding world economy.

Religious groups should help resist efforts at levelling of all men and should encourage the particularistic as well as the universalistic dimensions of human life.

Faruqi, Ismail Raji al- – Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Furthermore, Israel’s own election is not an end in itself but has as its goal the blessing of all humanity Gen. It is for this reason that Maimonides, in a well-known passage, attributes an important place in God’s plan of salvation to Christianity and Islam. Or again, even the most powerful nations can no longer determine, by themselves, the patterns of their own energy use.

Our faith in God The faith we have inhc: The other is the city of God, or the Church- the earthly, but even more the heavenly community of saints.

Metaphysics and Epistemology of Value The religious wish that Islam entertains regarding Judaism and Christianity is therefore the same wish entertained by countless Jews and Christians across the ages.

But it did this only by producing the international sy’stem as a system of perpetual instability and war.