ITR VACKNOWLEDGEMENTAY Received with thanks from. _a return of income in. ITR No. O 1(SAHAJ) O 2 O 3 O 45(SUGAM) O 4 O 5-o 7-o for. ITR – V ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AY B1 COMPUTATION OF INCOME AND TAX RETURN B2 B3 B4 B5 Received with thanks. ITR V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAY 4 o. 5. 0. La return of income in. 7>o for assessment year , having the following particulars. A2 MIDDLE.

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But i dont know there name, how to check there name. Document shows computation of income, with income acknowledgeemnt under various categories, deductions claimed, taxable income, tax due, tax paid ex advance tax, self assessment tax, TDS, etc in two columns a As provided by taxpayer in his Income tax return is from the ITR filed by the tax-payer.

Due Date for filing of ITR-V for AY 2012-13 and 2013-14 extended to 31.03.2014

Please submit on or before january 31st else return will be invalid. You also receive it as an acknowledgement email from aacknowledgement Income Tax Department in your inbox, after you file your return electronically.

A CA cannot apply on behalf of the assessee. But I forgot to mention this in the ITR.

Your Own Advisor – Articles – New income tax forms ITR1 ITR2 ITR3 ITR4,Sugam for AY 14

Refund comes when you have paid more tax than was due from you. In my opinion no interest under section A was chargeable as self assessment tax was paid before the due date for filing of return. Despite by best efforts and despite having the advise from the CPC; I could not trace out the above information.


All you need to do is, wait for your ITR to acknowleegement processed. After acknowlergement your will find many options to check the discrepancy and ways to correct the same.

You shall receive a notice from the department with exact amount of demand outstanding and reason for the same.

First Login to http: How many days will the IT office take to refund the amount. You can raise it on social media.

Download ITR-V for A.Y. ยป Sensys Blog.

I am trying to e-verify the form but while I am doing so I get the message that there is no return pending for e-verification. Reproduction of news articles, photos, videos or any other content in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission 20133-14 yourownadviser.

While filing return of my TDS, mistakenly an incorrect bank account no. It will be considered that you have not yet filed your return. Can you please let me acknowlddgement if it okif notcan something be done or i need to repay the amount again. Sorry for going in tangential direction. What should I do now?


How can I rectify this mistake? You can ignore the difference tax payable or refund upto Rs If you have then revise the ITR. However, I received an online notice that there was a defect in my returns.

Highlights of acknoqledgement Railway Budget Now again, I filled the revised ITR I form with 17 -Revised 5 option and gave the original returns acknowledgemeht. Check refund status at. If the previously sent application updated ,they will will simply reject the new one. I have the acknowledgment no. The outstanding tax demand can be paid online as below: It also depends on which ITR you filed? Drawbacks of verification by second option.

Many have done this acknowledbement mistake. We have shown both the images in pur article. Hello, Can you please help on my ITR status. If this refund has been sent by your Assessing Officer within the last week, you may wait for a week and again check status. I am also facing same problem.

Still the status is same till Hi, My refund got declined saying that the account number is incorrect. Now my status is showing Retrn recived after due date.