by Jan Lamprecht. Contents. PART I – HOLLOW PLANET BASICS. CHAPTER 1 – Hollow Planet History. CHAPTER 2 – Newtonian Gravity Revisited. CHAPTER . by Jan Lamprecht. from HollowPlanets Website. Contents. PART I – HOLLOW PLANET BASICS. CHAPTER 1 – Hollow Planet History. CHAPTER 2 – Newtonian. Videos. Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: Discuss: UFOs, Germans in Antarctica; Vietnam · History Science Videos · Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: Discuss: UFOs.

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I had another interesting episode which also harmed another close friendship. The impact of even a small object miles across could probably destroy all life on Earth. In a nutshell, the main thrust of his argument was this: They believe in cycles. In West Africa there can be found a “natural nuclear reactor”.

That most of what we see resembles a tennis ball.

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In the early days of Arctic exploration scientists lampredht the expected temperatures for the latitudes as explorers moved north. Were all the others liars? Of course, those holes need not always be at the poles. As part of its mission they were to check for the Hollow Earth’s entrance. Why didn’t they just go and live somewhere else? These few are the only people who actually stand lampreht chance of upsetting the cart.

Later I acquired a very good seismic modeling program which runs under windows and which I’ll upload if anyone wants. I have done some basic calculations and a central Sun of 28 miles in diameter would present the same size in the sky as our Sun does.


Answer to the first question: Gardner pointed out the inconsistencies in Adm Peary’s own log. There was also an analysis done by a scientist at NASA in wherein he concluded that the Moon must be hollow.

Note the Maedler phenomenon Lamprcht mentioned with regard to Venus? This in turn causes the central Sun to shine more brightly and to emit more light. They believe that the Earth is a special place, a school. It might produce an earthquake at best. But at the Poles there are 2 gigantic holes somewhere from – miles in diameter at their widest point.

Quakes rock the place.

Inside the earth, like on the outside, will be oceans, mountains, rivers, continents and atmosphere. He’d always been friendly, but warned me not to talk too much because the NSA monitors all computer communications. Astronomy had always been a favourite subject of mine so I began thinking about the things Planefs knew about astronomy. I like to take my time and think things through. Many explorers have had a holow of the Inner sun – the “mock sun” – because it appeared in places where the Sun could not possibly be.

Now if the Earth’s crust is say miles pkanets, then we find that beyond the inner atmosphere is a vaccuum of: And an object miles across – in space – is nothing – its like a spec of dust.

Entire mountain ranges had to be thrown into the dustbin.

It is truly a most difficult and most bizarre subject – the entire concept. But suddenly he began acting weird when I pressed him on the issue.

The earth’s hoplow diameter is only given as a mere 26 miles less than the equatorial diameter. As it melts everything around it, eventually, this wobbling nuclear reaction would hollow out the earth.


Jan Lamprecht – Interest in the Hollow Earth

Jan, Please share with the group how you became interested in the Hollow Earth. No big coverup is needed because people are already looking in the wrong place for the wrong thing. If you’d asked me about subteranean civilisations 3 months ago I’d have basically told you to go to hell.

He behaved in a weird manner which others noticed too.

It is a most excellent program which shows how the waves move through the earth PLUS, what the various monitoring stations will actually see on their print outs.

This little Sun would wobble around in the centre of this vacuum. The Alien Captain tells us some other things about “Alien Physics” – like, the fact that Stars only shine when in a magnetic field. That would be big enough to fit the Moon into it. I could see no great objections to the idea. Isn’t this more conducive to life perhaps? When waves come up we have no idea where they were – we really can’t tell much.

There are all sorts of funny things which have happened on the Moon. He found he could never see very far. I have a particular argument dealing with convection currents in the core, plus the fact that gravity will grow less and less as you get closer to the centre of the earth assuming its solid.