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I never thought of the X series Crown stuff.

It’s my feeling that you can never have too many paths to compare and cross-check mixes. There hasn’t been any major technological breakthroughs in the speaker world besides 4026 what’s in your amp and putting it inside the speakers.

Thanks for the info! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Newer isn’t necessarily better, and familiarity counts for a whole lot.

I’m not a big fan of KRKs. All in all I’d save the money for a sweet mic or maybe some nice cans sound quality on those hasn’t changed much but the 40 years of wear on the padding of my s make them super uncomfortable for long sessions.

If you have good cables and clean power the only thing that really matters is crossovers and the speakers themselves two things that haven’t really changed over time. I don’t have personal experience with these but I’ve never heard anything bad about them, and their specs look perfectly reasonable.


Or a nice chair, people really under estimate the value of 406 comfy mixing chair. The other conflict I’ve found with older gear in a newer setup is interference from USB cables and such so wires with good shielding are a must.

Cue productions Thessaloniki | JBL series near field

Honestly I don’t have any experience with those speakers in particular but I’ve used a variety of passive and active monitoring 4026 and the only real difference is convenience. I’m still looking for a pair of s I can rebuild but most of the ones I find are apparently made of gold because of the prices I keep seeing.

I typically wait and buy quality stuff as well. JBL reference monitors self. Submit a new text post. Thanks for the suggestion. A former knob monkey popped the horns in mine and I replaced them with a pair of LSRs that I also like a lot.

JBL 4206 Professional Studio Monitor Speaker

That’s a great point about familiarity. I’m a fan of active bi-amped systems myself; however, the availability of active equipment doesn’t necessarily make passive gear irrelevant. Thanks for the input.

They sound good and I’m able to mix relatively well on them, but I’m wondering if I’m living in the stone age by not upgrading these to a set of newer mid-range KRK’s or something. That touches on what I was wondering; if new active systems have become so superior to older passive systems, that I’m hurting myself by not upgrading.

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Do not post pictures of text here, they will be removed. Unless you need a bigger one, in which case you’ll probably just get another one and run them in bridged mode.

If you sense any issues or just have some time on your hands you may want to take apart the amp and monitors and clean them up with high percentage isopropyl alcohol and contact cleaner I’d definitely hit up the pots and check any soldered parts.

I do know these things quite well. Log in or sign up in seconds.

JBL reference monitors : audioengineering

Also, your gear if your gear is reaching the twenty to thirty year mark replacing or at least checking the capacitors is a good idea because that tends to be their shelf life. Want to add to the discussion? Yeah, that should work nicely. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The is still a nice speaker, I’d keep them. I think you’re absolutely right though, the best plan is to add a second jhl in time and not replace these outright, risking screwing myself.