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It is understood that much depends on which way Scripture leads us here.

Steve Wolhberg Responds to Jeff Pippenger

English with German translation please indicate the layout language In two members of the FIN team went to the United States for an exclusive interview with Jeff Pippenger. Moody, even though he preached eternal torment and Sunday sacredness.

Brother, I implore you, please do not hesitate to make that courageous move. And yet there is good news: This involved allowing the land to have a Sabbath rest every seven years. So at the very least, those who take the paganism view should appreciate that those who take the ministration of Christ view are not pulling the view pippengger of thin air.

It is surprising how simple a matter it is to provide this proof. More specifically, the statement did not constitute God showing her that the paganism position was correct, as is claimed by its advocates. Her statement that the prophetic periods plural run out ppipenger means that the last and longest one of the group reached to And I will bring a sword against you that will execute the vengeance of the covenant; when you are gathered together within your cities I pippengerr send pestilence among you; and you shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy.

Steve Wolhberg Responds to Jeff Pippenger – No

The most we can do is recognize that both positions make vital and historically true points, present what we believe are the merits of whichever view we hold, and do not make our position a test. My question to you is, do you see a historic fulfillment of the curses delineated in Leviticus 26 resting upon Israel as a people or upon its land from to ?

Such a view is calculated to take the mind and interest from the present work of God, under the message of the third angel; for if we are to go to Jerusalem, then our minds will naturally be there, and our means will be withheld from other uses, to get the saints to Jerusalem. It begins with the message of reform — a reform message. I certainly agree with GC For example, if the curse was lifted inI think many a historian and many a Jew would actually argue that the plight of the Hebrew people was the worse it had ever been from the time after until the mid s.


All the timeline prophecies of Daniel and Revelation have different starting points in history and land roughly for their end-points in the period from to What is the significance of the prophetic chart of being relevant again today?

The Bible suggests that about six thousand years have been allotted for the great controversy to play itself out. Both cannot be correct. Again, I believe you are an honest Bible student.

Honestly, to do so feels like a forced fit. No Answers to the group. But this meant much to the cause of truth…To correct little things in the books written, you suppose would be doing a great work. But I do know that Rev.

The state of mankind in sin is frequently depicted as a condition of darkness. I have deliberately saved this topic for last, because I did not want to divert us from the abundant clarity of the earlier points. I request that my writings shall not be used as the leading argument to settle questions over which there is now so much controversy. That question was not on her radar at all, nor was it even a point of controversy at this early stage of the Advent Movement.

Pagan Rome knew nothing of this. This plppenger is lifted directly from Genesis: No Answers to the group.

They asked him 16 questions which he answered in his home in Arkansas. He did all this and prospered. Please tell us how we can prepare personally for the times ahead?

With that, the light immediately comes on. Similar textual strength cannot be amassed in favor of the paganism view.

But it must be noted that the fact that it needs to be cleansed as stated in verse 14, refers back to the fact that it has been defiled as stated in verse Cookies can be pippengeg to collect and store user data while connected to provide you the requested services and sometimes tend not to keep. We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistical information such as the number of visitors to our site.


We are then asked jjeff believe that current uninspired voices are now telling us what the latter rain message is, although the inspired jsff know nothing of that message.

This I have never said. A salvation theme is invoked, calling attention to the Passover as the delivering event, thus pointing to the Cross Deuteronomy 5. I would simply point out that whether I lack discernment or not, I have still made a number of points that deserve response. But multitudes have no more understanding of these important truths than if they had never been revealed…. I also believe, however, that it would be wisdom on your part to humbly lay your more divergent theological ideas before brethren outside your circle who are studious enough and biblically literate enough to offer you valid critique.

Letter to Jeff Pippenger – No

It is the grand scheme of truth to which Leviticus 25 and 26 point. I will first point out the fact that even though she lived though the Millerite movement and then lived as a prophetic witness through the formation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Ellen White never once wrote a single line regarding the All agree that the sanctuary needing to be cleansed in verse 14 belongs to God.

What is it about prophecy that fascinates you? Point by point, each describes the activities of the papacy as it comes to power and reigns for years.

Rather, the Sabbath is now given as a memorial of deliverance from bondage. The word translates continually 53x, continual 26x, daily 7x, always 6x, always 4x, ever 3x, perpetual 2x, continual employment 1x, evermore 1x and never 1x.