THE DOCTRINE OF ABSOLUTE. PREDESTINATION. JEROME ZANCHIUS. ( ). With. OBSERVATIONS ON THE DIVINE ATTRIBUTES,. NECESSARY. A terse statement concerning the doctrine of Predestination. Having considered the attributes of God as laid down in Scripture, and so far cleared our way to the doctrine of predestination, I shall, before I enter further on the.

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Does not Solomon, in the Book of Proverbs, inculcate it throughout, and justly, for how else could he direct men to fear God and trust in Him?

Xanchius is all-wise and all-powerful. Customers who viewed this predestinationn also viewed. Now, in the matter of election and preterition, God is influenced by no such motives, nor indeed by any exterior inducement or any motive, extra se, out of Himself.

This is for His own mysterious, inscrutable predeatination. Now, it is as incompatible with the infinite wisdom and knowledge of the all-comprehending God to be ignorant of the names and number of the rational creatures He has made as that He should be ignorant of the stars and the other inanimate products of His almighty power, and if He knows all men in general, taken in the lump, He may well be said, in a more sanchius and special sense, to know them that are His by election 2Ti 2: So that elegant, accurate and learned Dutch divine, Laurentius: We must believe and preach one or the other, for they can never stand together.

He does not respect any man’s parentage or country, for the elect will be “gathered together from the four winds, from under one end of heaven to the other” Mat AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

How feelingly will he sympathise with them in their distresses! See also a most remarkable chain of predestinated events in reference to Saul, and foretold by the prophet 1Sa Here they all shine forth in their fullness of harmony and lustre.

FROM what has been said in the preceding chapter concerning the election of some, it would unavoidably follow, even supposing the Scriptures had been silent about it, that there must be a rejection of others, as every choice does, most evidently and necessarily, imply a refusal, for where there is no leaving out there can be no choice. So, then, all these being means whereby the elect are zanchiue enlightened into the knowledge of Christ, and by which they are, after they have believed through grace, built up in Him, and are means of their perseverance in grace to the end; these are so far from being vain and insignificant that they are highly useful and necessary, and answer many valuable and important ends, without in the least shaking the doctrine of predestination in particular or the analogy of faith in general.


Now, our obedience to God will always hold proportion to our love. Besides, the apostle asserts expressly that election is not of works, but of Him that calleth, and that it passed before the persons concerned had done either good or evil Rom 9: Zanchius continues in his presentation to argue that man is responsible for his own sin in spite of God’s sovereignty by approaching this concept from a number of angles. Charnock has, in my judgment at least, proved most clearly and satisfactorily that the exclusion of some individual persons from a participation of saving grace is perfectly consistent with God’s unlimited goodness.

Consequently the reprobate must, as corrupt, fruitless trees or fruitful in evil onlybe “hewn down and cast into the fire” Mat 3: Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Absolute Predestination: Jerome Zanchius, Jay Patrick Sr. Green: : Books

And let it be observed that Christ and His apostles delivered these matters, not to some privileged persons only, but to all at large who had ears to hear and eyes to read. Nor can these places of Scripture, with many others of like import, be understood of an involuntary permission on the part of Abbsolute, as if God barely suffered it to be so, quasi invitus, as it were by constraint, and against His will, for He permits nothing which He did not resolve and determine to permit.

On the whole, if God was not unwilling that Adam should fall, He must have been willing that he should, since between God’s willing and nilling there is no medium.

That there are reprobate persons is very evident from Scripture as we shall presently showbut who they are is known alone to Him, who alone can tell who and what men are not written in the Lamb’s book of life. Pink’s book on the Sovereignty of God, this book is one of the best because of how the author establishes the truth of God as Sovereign in all things For the elect’s sake, therefore, these doctrines are to be preached, that the chosen of God, being humbled by the knowledge of His truths, self-emptied and sunk, as it were, into nothing in His presence, may be saved in Christ with eternal glory.


The Doctrine Of Absolute Predestination

The sovereign God whom he has just detailed for the reader in the previous article is wholly and totally responsible for the elect and, therfore, for failing to elect some.

At the happiest of times, and in the best of frames below our love to God is but a spark though small and quivering, yet predestjnation precious, because Divinely kindled, fanned and maintained in the zanfhius, and an earnest of better to comewhereas love, as it glows in God, is an immense sun, which shone without beginning, and shall shine without end.

Bebaioumai, fidem facio; pro comperto habeo. God was either willing that Adam should fall, or unwilling, or indifferent about it.

The Doctrine Of Absolute Predestination by Jerome Zanchius

If the one be relaxed and feeble, the other cannot be alert and vigorous, and, electing goodness being the very life and soul of the former, the latter, even good works, must flourish or decline in proportion as election is glorified or obscured.

By which means, it can neither be abused to licentiousness nor misapprehended to despair, but will eminently conduce to the knowledge, jeromd, improvement and comfort of them that hear.

To our Triune Covenant Lord be all the praise and glory. Blessings, not peculiar, but conferred indiscriminately on every man, without distinction or exception, would neither be a proof of peculiar love in the donor nor calculated to excite peculiar wonder and gratitude in the receiver.