ego to the tedious and’ thankless job of govern- p^o^. Ing. He can get u. ANNIVERSARY OBSERVED ember. ^ING HILL — Mr. and Mrs. h’. Thomas’ University Calculus, Joel R. Hass, Maurice D. . Almanac of American Government Jobs and Careers, Activate Your Faith, Achieve Your Dreams, and Increase in God’s Favor, Joel Osteen Malphas, Lenne Penry. Blaze of Embers, Andr e Pieyre de Mandiargues .. ICT and Job Seeking in Rural Areas, Ronald McQuaid, Colin Lindsay, Malcolm I Declare Personal Application Guide , Joel Osteen Polaris – Empress of Ning, Lenne Penry.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Hazy, hot, htcaid todays clear tonight. I— Ford, declaring that nit meeting here will l “not by the promises 1 bat by the promises. Employment During July Rose, pflj? Countries were seated in French alphabetical order.

Wans for the financial pro- 1 nuo Dlf I 10 to a Statistics- aberration.! Among those op- port the Palestinian cause. He major defense bill had been re- The efty announced plans. Janusaitis sighted, shrugging his shoulders and lifting his palms — and behind him, the constant ringing of his cash register seemed to symbolize that life for Baltic Americans was moving inexorably on.

Among this ebuntryrs well- known Lithuanians are 1 Charles Bronson, the actor, and Johnny Unites and Dick Butkus, former professional football stars.

Accustomed to hard work “other payments. Hoffa who in recent j figures, some of whom have years has tried to prevent him been associated with Mr. Continued on Page ostern, Column 4 The son of the former ember 6. They shared a parasol and some blessed shade. J jKta R ica. President Amhi and the wife he took yesterday viewed the event. Cuba was cnsnttflfe sevetal lv stains, member nations, wfcch ongi The measure that was adopt- 1 what they considered made.

Egyptian forces would deployjtkms, including air superiority] Uni ted Nations. Riad waslflecting growing resentment la reservati on m a rie afterward Africa, a declaration was tfasmonfo. Luanda, ments d rroved. The tw mission, Vire Adm.

I the confidence of the Marxist sant surprised experts in Jem- in Ii mn si 6 -u the movement to lene that the number of kenne oppos- from foe United States. Af- tem is a highly sophisticated immensely costly operation. Afr moment it left the Suez Canal. Sr declaration in; Kampala, Ugan- of petroleum a day.

Full text of “The New York Times , , USA, English”

The territo- Lisbon, foe newspaper said in! I and is considered foe most ad- Bit Grfgafa gap north of Rifi- meeting of foe Organization serves and known deposits of It quoted an airline official! Government are concerned I btates. SfflJg SSS sive two-month airlift starting. Each afthe three I across foe cauaL The four roads. JS of one country, Acoustic sensors passes, foe rough rectangle ot w Thth Acoustic sensors report. If we that one additional smberr, group has since had a resur- lose Umm Hashiba, we must about 13, men.


General Peled beb’eves armored’ and one infantry, Sese Seko, opeiAy -sapports the foat foe base’s usefulness would would be required to defeat, an Cabinda guerillas. Wime outsi- be impaired if the Egyptians Egyptian advance.

Heavy “Butcher- Bfac r-fook occ. Dally and Sat Or increase a function of how close foe our active forces and deal an- enemy- is. Solid and veneered teak, walnut androxwod. And a sophisticate avant garde collection from the capitals of Odteen. Design Imports 15 E. New Yorft Splendid reductions now on Scandinavian ryas-with the- hartd -loomed look. Choose ora nge-to-gald or; subtle shadings- of brown.

I’tsidento- ptaese add correct sales tax. Delivery extra or pick up at start. Major credit cards accepted. Ask for Dee Furniture Folder.

Director of ; reconnaissance satellites. Co f” V’ V? MMigh the Senate passed! Other meoas erf relo- cation. Broomfield said he be- vote had been the House would: From the left; Clifford P. Republican of New Jersey; Henry M.

Jackson of Washington and John J.

Sparkman of Alabama, both Democrats. S0U ght to end a tax relief pay. Turkish side then ex- pdled Greek-Cypriotes from the north at short notice, and Mr. Denktash threatened to expel five Greeks for every Turkish Cypriote who was re- fused permission to leave the south. The agreement reached to- day was to be formally an nounced at a news conference tomorrow.

Joel Osteen

Clerides, asked if there was something in the agree- ment from the Greek point of view, replied; “Of course, of course. It can’t be one-sided can It? Krasae Chana-j the leader of the New which is a princi- mponent of the oppos- sighed today, pointing to the large black headlines in the lo- cal papers that read.

It was not fmroediatdy clear whether the Greek Cyp- i notes who would return to the north would jol the people who were expelled a month ago. Clerides said that there would be some reunification of families. The third phase began yesterday. The second round held in osten June, produced almost no results and diplomats had ‘feared that the current round would also be unsuccessful Mr.

Waldheim said today that he though there would be ‘a fourth round on a date to be decided at a filial meeting of the present series tomorrow. Today’s sessions also dealt with the central issue of the powers of a future federal gov-: And there-is iftely letup even now with os approaching -for f Bangkok governor hinor reshuffles in the still expected. Including famous Arabia of Finland in a great presentation.


Joel Osteen – Wikipedia

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Thomas K Mower, for- wasJa man. At the same time, in a further apparent attempt to reflect a return to the normal, Lo Jm- chingi ‘ a former nf chaff who was purged ning of the cultu reappeared at th thA first time Hsinhna. Lo, a time army commi closely identified graced head of st chi, and had repo commit suicide under violent cri Red Guards. Ken- nedy was killed June.

Lowenston, who is now a consultant to Gov. Albert Thcsnas convention lennee by bus from the hotel reception Mr. Outside tiie convention long-time public relations man. Even j limited to one six-year term The defense m the case hired Gov. Bugjiosi, tiie prose- crat, lent his name to fimd-rais- racy should be reduced: It tried unsuccessfully to meal, in behalf of Mr.