Implementors of JSTL and authors of JSP pages may find the The JavaServer Pages™ Standard Tag Library (JSTL) specification is the result. The JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) is a component of the Java EE Web application development platform. It extends the JSP specification by. Apache hosts the Apache Standard Taglib, an implementation of the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) specification. Various versions are.

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Before we dive into the various functional specfiication in the JSTL, we should start with the expression language. An exception occured trying to convert String “September”to type “java.

Again, this is as if you had made ServletRequest.

The functional areas in the JSTL help page authors identify what type of functionality they need specificatiom where they can find it. Let’s examine how the data source is set up and configured. For example, you can provide variables that will be used within the string used jsrl the key attribute. To address both of these functional areas, let’s first take a cursory look at what pieces are involved in creating international applications.

To follow a Model-View. The following sections are excerpted from various chapters within the JSTL: Expressions in template text are not supported if you are using JSTL 1. Since this expert group has a good cross section of JSP authors and users, the actions provided in the JSTL should suit a wide audience. Using the tags provided in the JSTL, we are closer to reaching that clean division of labor.


These coercions are done under the covers for you by the implementation, but it is always a good idea to understand how, and in what order, the rules are being applied.

For example, a String parameter from a request will be coerced to the appropriate object or primitive. However, I do consider it an architectural flaw to use them in your application development. It defaults to true. Spceification JSTL defines appropriate conversions and default values. If that is the one and only reason why you are choosing to use the SQL actions, then Specificstion suggest that you investigate using such frameworks as Struts which is part of the Jakarta projects and can be found at http: We will talk about this in more detail later in this chapter, but as a quick example, so that you are familiar with the format, the action might look like:.

Iterator actions that make it easy to iterate through collections of Objects. The first output is using the default value of escapeXmlwhile the second output shows the result of using the esacpeXml set to false.

Conditional actions used for doing conditional processing within a JSP.

To sum up for now, speicfication layout of the JSTL is straightforward. Isn’t that business logic that belongs in the model? Using separate TLDs also allows each library to have its own namespace. Formatting for numbers, dates, and currency, which includes such actions as: Xpecification can use expressions in the value attribute. There has always been a need although not a requirement that the page authors have some understanding of a programming language usually Java in order to create complex pages.

JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library

There are quite a few implicit objects exposed through the EL. Using paramValues is particularly useful if you have a form with check boxes or for some other reason a parameter might have multiple values like a multiselect box. Having automatic type conversions can save unnecessary exceptions from happening.


We’ll specificatiion go through the other configuration settings as well as the available interfaces. What it means to use EL in attributes can be shown in the following example: If a parameter that sppecification the month is passed in the request as a Stringthe value of the month variable will be correct because the String will be coerced to the correct type when used.

Why then are these actions even provided in the JSTL?

The Java Community Process(SM) Program – communityprocess – final

Keep in mind that when using an identifier like book ,for example with the EL, it is the same thing as if you had done PageContext. It is up to the page author and application architect to make sure that the design patterns are being adhered to correctly, if jatl for the maintenance issue of the application then for the practice of good engineering. A more graceful handling of an error is shown in Example 3.

Let’s look at each functional section in the Core tag library a bit more closely. I hope that you’ve found these brief excerpts to be helpful and applicable to your development.

If you are working with JSP 2.