Description of Juniperus thurifera (Spanish juniper). Woodlands of Juniperus thurifera have been subjected to a traditional management (e.g. logging, grazing and destruction for crop cultivation). The Spanish juniper can be up to 20 m tall, although it does not normally exceed 8 m. Its bark is ash grey and it has a pyramidal form. The branches are.

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See Montes and Bertaudiere for details, a map, and photos showing habitat. A sapling, Spain [R.

Juniperus thurifera L.

Webarchive template wayback links Articles with ‘species’ microformats. The foliage served as fodder for donkeys and goats. In the High Atlas Mountains of Algeria, it is the only tree species at the upper tree line about m elevation, with isolated specimens found above m.

Retrieved 12 May Bark thin, dark brown, with age weathering gray-brown, becoming scaly, and exfoliating in strips.

There are two varietiesregarded as distinct by some authors, [3] [5] but not by others: The best examples are found in the centre and east of the peninsula. Hardy to Zone 8 cold hardiness limit between Monograph of Cupressaceae and Sciadopitys.

Edited by Christopher J. It is indifferent to soil type, but prefers limestones and adapts well to poor and stony substrates.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Juniperus thurifera. Reverchon neotype BM. Farjon reduces the two described varieties, gallica in France and africana in North Africato synonymy on the grounds that the described characters overlap with specimens of the type variety described by the respective authors.

Juniperus thurifera

They are usually covered in a whitish, dusty-looking layer bloom. See also remarks in Montes and Bertaudiere It forms woodlands that cannot strictly be called forests, as they are very open to favour root development.

Overall, the species is not considered threatened with healthy population in Spain; [7] however, the African population is threatened by severe overgrazingmainly by goats uuniperus, and is listed as Endangered.

Juniperus thurifera Archived at the Wayback Machine. Jarvis at BM but was unsuccessful. Linnaeusp. An individual 19 m tall with a girth due to its multistemmed form of 16 m, located in the Middle Atlas, near the “Col du Zad,” about 50km N of Ifrane Nicolas Montes email In the High Atlas of Morocco, heavy grazing and browsing pressures have caused thurifefa to living trees and prevented regeneration Gauquelin et al. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

The climate is continental, semiarid, with cold winters Atlas Mts. Specimens tend to have male and female Thurifeta glutinosa has a fruit very reminiscent of a conifer cone, but much smaller 2 cm. Source, Montes and Bertaudiere [T. Pollen cones terminal, solitary, subglobose, mm long, yellow-green maturing to light brown; microsporophylls Foliage branches spreading or drooping, branchlets Contact Legal Creative Commons.


At the lowest altitudes, Quercus ilex is generally associated with J. The foliage is strongly aromatic, with a spicy-resinous scent. Montes and Bertaudiere provide clues on where to find native specimens. In the Middle Atlas mountains, J. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Junipwrus.

Dioecious evergreen shrubs, or trees up to junipeerus m tall.

Back Site map Contact us. Retrieved 8 November Junipers of the World. Structural branches dense, spreading or ascending. The foliage is eaten by sheep R.

Juniperus thurifera – Arbolapp

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. These types of use are still prevalent in North Africa Farjon The Spanish juniper can be up to 20 m tall, although it does not normally exceed 8 m.

It large shrub or tree reaching 6—20 m tall, with a trunk tuhrifera to 2 m diameter and a broadly conical to rounded or irregular crown. This species lives in Spain, France, Corsica and northern Africa.