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Actually they were great and educated people under Islam. Va az in nazar man fekr mikonam ke tanhayin legitimate criticismi ke ma Iraniha mitonim bokonim ine ke Frank Miller racist hast, va filme kare raciste khodeshe. Bebin ghabl az inke asabe khodeto khord koni ba vatanparasti ye negai be ye chanta haghighatayi ke marbut be ham film o tarikhcheye jange yunano iran bede. Baraye ghodrat donya ra hamle kardand. Manam tahsilatamo gereftam, khobam az tarikhcheye yunan va iran midonam.

Thats ignorant, you should read tari,hi history books. Sometimes, he went as far as Isfahan and Shiraz, occasionally camping on the prairies of Soltaniyeh.

I am and remain the legitimate and constitutional sovereign of Persia, and I await the hour of my return to my country to continue serving my people. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Thanking his hosts, he reminded them that while he was not the first monarch of Persia to enjoy the hospitality of the city of London, he could lay claim to the honor of being the first constitutional monarch of Persia received there.

Unbiased truth December 27, at In this camp, he engaged in war games and called forth the military power that would be sent to Azerbaijan I strongly raise my voice in tarikh against this coup d’etat. Herodotus, wrote about this these events hundreds of years after they occurred, so one of education can assume the accuracy of this information to be misleading.


Agar adamhayi hastan to in donya ke bad az in film nazarashon dar morde Iraniha avaz shodan, khodeshonam biaghlan.

Safaiee, Ebrahim: khaterehay tarikhi | Ketab Corp صفایی، ابراهیم : خاطره های تاریخی | شرکت کتاب

He appointed his sons as governors of different provinces or regions. Go do some research before making a biased statement. Ketab comicesham digeh haminist ke hast, ketabi hast ke nevisandash ham ahmagh bod, ham racist bod. Jesus is ashamed of you and your friends.

Spartans are depicted as tarikhj men in the movie, whose courage and strength is meant to incite admiration amongst the crowd. Speaking of Spartans, he states.

Mesle Nazi ha bodan; ham autocratic bodan, ham kheili sonati bodan, ham ta levele vahshatnak racist bodan, slavery ham dashtan, ham as lahaze farhang chizi nadashtan. Maybe he hoped that his crown prince “Hassan Joon” i. However, unless the information has viable sources and be backed up. Soltan Ali Kadjar, p. Furthermore, Makki gave an accurate account what really happened in those crucial days. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Manoutchehr Eskandari-Qajar in his interesting article “Persia’s honor: My resignation would be interpreted as an act of assent and an agreement on my part that rulership was not mine by right.

He further remarked that he was fully aware that “because of her geographic position, and because of her secular traditions, Persia [was] called upon to help in the establishment of order and progress in the Middle East, a condition so essential to the overall peace in Asia. Yes the tairkhi had traikhi. Please provide some proof and evidence.

Che chizi az in farhange azize Irani monde emrooz? Duncan your on crack. He receives inhabitants and listens to their requests, and a special royal attendant gives them the shah’s answer. Now and in the future, I consider null and void all acts emanating from such a government and committed under its rule.


Spartans were Fascists, 300 is a LIE!

Vali ejtemaheshon va falsafashon migoft: The present moment was particularly well chosen for the attainment of the object of closer unity between the two peoples. The Father of Lies??? Later he reads the newspapers or foreign books. Sardar Sepah anticipated that Soltan Ahmad Shah could return to Iran whenever he gathered enough willpower to do so, which would then cause a major handicap for him.

They were the resources of trade and tatikhi resources of a naturally industrious and capable ketag.

Have you even read it? Avalan ta nabod, 7, ta bod. Bayad be mozuhaye mohem. This article by the American historian Alex Tatikhi sheds some light on how misleading the movie has been in showing what really happened. The crown prince tried to made efforts to reestablish relations between the shah and his prime minister. That indeed is the case. Salam aziz, Bebin ghabl az inke asabe khodeto khord koni ba vatanparasti ye taikhi be ye chanta haghighatayi ke marbut be ham film o tarikhcheye jange yunano iran bede.

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The Spartans were the worst of the Greeks. The imperial family already departed changed plans when arriving in Bombay and went on a visit to Baghdad not Tehran and then to Beirut, where the young princes went to school. In fact you guys actually have supporters of the killing of these children.