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On an oxyacetylene torch system there will be three types of valvesthe tank valve, the regulator valve, and the torch valve. The cylinders are packed with porous materials e.

This oxygen reacts with the metal, forming iron oxide and producing heat. Robotic oxy-fuel cutters sometimes use a high-speed divergent nozzle. At that point, the acetylene is being completely burned in the welding oxygen and surrounding air. This iimpalan called ‘oxidation’, but the more specific and more commonly used term in this context is ‘combustion’. Two basic types of torches are positive pressure type and low pressure or injector type.

Oxy-fuel welding and cutting

Types of this sort of torch:. A check valve lets gas flow in one direction only. The regulator converts the high pressure gas to a low pressure stream suitable for welding.

LPG kimpala damage an incompatible hose, including most acetylene hoses. In addition, leaking fittings may catch fire during use and pose a risk to personnel as well as property.

Ordinary check valves that normally prevent back flow cannot stop a detonation wave because they are not capable of closing before the wave passes around the gate. These are used for their increased portability.


A typical oxy-fuel torch, called an equal-pressure torch, merely mixes the two gases. This is similar to the first stage of a scuba-diving regulator.

Didymium eyewear, developed for glassblowers in the s, was also borrowed—until many complained of eye problems from excessive infrared, blue light, and insufficient shading. In oxy-fuel cutting, oxidation of the metal being cut typically iron produces nearly all of the heat required to “burn” through the workpiece.

Oxy-fuel welding and cutting – Wikipedia

There is about kPa psi pressure in the tank when full. A single-stage regulator will tend to allow a reduction in outlet pressure as the cylinder is emptied, requiring manual readjustment.

In an injector torch, high-pressure oxygen comes out of a small nozzle inside the torch head which kipalan the fuel gas along with it, using the venturi effect. As the metal burns, it immediately turns to liquid iron oxide and flows away from the cutting zone.

Kimpalan gas – Masnawi Mohd. Yusof – Google Books

The flame is applied to the base metal and held until a small puddle of molten metal is formed. Once this temperature is attained, oxygen is supplied to the heated parts by pressing the oxygen-blast trigger. The welder must add the filler rod to the molten puddle.

Most metals cannot be melted with a single-tank torch. Tas avoid an ignition hazard, special care should be taken when using these gases over areas such as basements, sinks, storm drains, etc. This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat Almost every piece of metal is an alloy of kimpalah type or another.


When the filler metal is properly added to the molten puddle, the resulting weld will kimpqlan stronger than the original base metal.

Acetylene is the primary fuel for oxy-fuel welding and is the fuel of choice for repair work and general cutting and welding. Their ability to produce almost any shape from large steel plates gives them a secure future in shipbuilding and in many other industries.

A welding torch can also be used to heat small areas such as rusted nuts and bolts. The use of worm-drive hose clips or Jubilee clips is specifically forbidden in the UK and other countries. Gas flow one way pushes the ball out of the way, and a lack of flow or a reverse flow allows the spring to push the ball into the inlet, blocking it.

kimpalan gas dan arka

Heat-affected zone Photokeratitis Residual stress Weldability. Stainless steels cannot be cut either because the material does not burn readily. This uses an oxygen jet that opens slightly along its passage. The welder will modify the speed kjmpalan welding travel to maintain a uniform bead width. It is similar to a welding torch, but can be identified by the oxygen blast trigger or lever.