References 1. Průša, R., a kolektiv: Kazuistiky a stručné kapitoly z klinické biochemie. ÚKBP, UK, FN Motol, Praha 2. Racek J. a kol. Klinická biochemie. Technomic Publishing Co., Inc., Lancester, Pensylavania, USA, , s. ( ISBN ); Racek, J. et al.: Klinická biochemie (Clinical Biochemistry). Richard Průša, Jaroslav Racek, Daniel Rajdl, Václav Senft, Vladimír Soška, The publication has been partly created within project Klinická biochemie.

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Some features may not be available. Pathobiochemistry I – N Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology Annotation – Czech English. The course emphasizes rzcek comprehensive explanation of the mechanisms of disease development at the level of tissues, cells and molecular biology,too.

Klinická biochemie – Jaroslav Racek – Google Books

Students are also acquainted with effective indication and interpretation of basic biochemical tests. The latest research findings and treatment of diseases with high frequency lifestyle diseases are also presented. Aim of the course – Czech English.


Literature – Czech English. LF UK,R: LFUK,R: Grada Publishing,R: Karolinum, PrahaR: LF Biochemis,Z: LFUK,Z: Grada Publishing,Z: Karolinum, PrahaZ: Learning resources – Czech English. Syllabus – Czech English.

Patobiochemistry of the cell, organs and tissues 2. Disorders of carbohydrate metabolism – diabetes mellitus 3.

Klinická biochemie

Disorders of lipoproteins metabolism, atherosclerosis 4. Regulation of water and ions in human body and their disturbances 5. Pathobiochemistry of kidney 6. Pathobiochemistry klihicka endocrine system 7.

Teaching activities within the framework of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen

Pathobiochemistry of cardiovascular disorders 8. Pathobiochemistry of liver,porphyrias, dif.

Pathobiochemistry of gastrointestinal disorders Pathobiochemistry of blood and erythropoiesis Genetic disorders of metabolism Pathobiochemistry of cancers, tumor markers Cancer cytogenetics Last update: Patobiochemie jater, porfyrie, dif. Patobiochemie krve a erythropoesa Registration requirements – Czech English.