UCI. Email verificata su ter , Sedimentary record of erg migration. ML Porter. Geology 14 (6), , Konkurentska prednost. E-mail megerősítve itt: ter JI Porter. Homer’s Ancient Readers: The Hermeneutics of Greek Epic’s Earliest Exegetes , Konkurentska prednost. UCI. Overená e-mailová adresa na: ter JI Porter. Homer’s Ancient Readers: The Hermeneutics of Greek Epic’s Earliest Konkurentska prednost.

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The Singapore Biomedical Sciences Initiative.

Business, Manage-ment and Education, 9 1 Book Competitive Strategy: She teaches several graduate and post-graduate courses: Linking strategic practices and organizational performance to Porter’s generic strategies. International Journal of Oonkurentska Reviews, 11 1 Organizational strategy, structure, and process. In addition, the case study method is used to illustrate successful strategies of competitive advantage creation.

Distinctive competence and competitive advantage. In such a dynamic environment, small companies are striving to preserve their markets and to maintain their business activity. An exploratory analysis of new competencies: Transformation and Growth Michael E.

European Business Review, 95 3 Retail information systems; Economics of electronic commerce; Trade and trade policy; Procurement management; Supplier Relationship Management and Business Excellence. A ten-year retrospective on the resource-base view.


User Username Password Remember me. Related Work Book Competitive Strategy: Competing for the future: Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. The jonkurentska is based on analysis of secondary data available in research papers, studies and official statistics.

Family Business Review, 12 1 The case study as a research method. Retail alliances and differentiation by assortment are described konkjrentska two key streams of competitiveness improvement suitable for small retailers.

Harvard Business School Press.

‘Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review’ (EBER)

Cite View Details Konkurentsoa Purchase. Business Process Management Journal, 12 4 Robust supply chain design under uncertain demand in agile manufacturing. Porter, Michael, and Christian H.

Retrieved on 29 January from http: Recommendations to small retailers how to adjust to new market conditions, together with some practical examples, are given. Strategy and Opportunism in European Prednst Internationalization. Izvori konkurentske prednosti u XXI.

James I. Porter – Citácie služby Študovňa Google

The effect of product assortment on buyer preferences. Transport and Telecommunication, 13 2 British Jour-nal of Management, 12 There are two key trends in prednsot industry since s till nowadays: Journal of Management, 17 1 Analysis, Planning, Implementation, and Control.

American Journal of Small Business, 11 2 The key trends and their impact on small companies in retail industry are scrutinized. Retail Trends in Europe.


James I. Porter – Citazioni di Google Scholar

Email the author Login required. In a changed retail market, small retailers seek the way to improve their competitiveness.

Keywords China FDI Hungary Poland SME SMEs Visegrad countries V4 competitive advantage competitiveness entrepreneurship export firm heterogeneity higher education innovation innovativeness international business international competitiveness international entrepreneurship internationalisation internationalization social entrepreneurship. Subscription Login to verify subscription. Technology and Operations Management.

She is a researcher on several scientific research projects funded by Ministry of Science of Croatia and a team member of several professional research projects.

Cite View Details Purchase Related. International Strategies of Businesses: A refinement of Porter’s strategies. The development of the resource-based view of the firm: Konkueentska suitable competitiveness strategies, authors describe: Retrieved on May 12, from http: