Elizabeth Kostova con la autora que empecé a investigar más de sus libros y descubrí La historiadora y después de leerlo quedé totalmente enamorada. Buy La Historiadora Translation by Elizabeth Kostova (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Buy La historiadora by ELIZABETH KOSTOVA (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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View all 10 comments. I can do kostoba especially because the rest of the bookthat is to say more than out of a total ofis not only entertaining, but also both insanely instructive and insanely intriguing, and I loved it madly.

Kostova has a lovely, almost Victorian style of writing. Not only are these letters insanely long, but they are insanely detailed as well, creating yet another reason why the book and the characters are completely unbelievable. Quotes from The Historian.

A bat flitters across a night sky. Recommended to Meredith by: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Kostova sets her book partly in the 70s, partly in history, and she tries to write in a flowery language, like the great masters of novel from the 19th century- but to me, she really just comes It has been some time since I read this, so my recollections may not be that accurate.

The reader is treated to many vicarious meals as the characters hopscotch around the globe.

You will break hearts. It plods along, gathering information about the real Walachian Prince, taunting not only our hero and his female companion but the reader with some menace and a few appearance of an undead librarian but for the most part the real blood sucking is minimal.


The Historian

All the action takes place in libraries, and consists of primary source research. The dust jacket alluded to sleepless nights filled with suspense and horror. Maybe the long, hard, snoozy slog, occasionally punctuated by some good old fashioned undead suspense every hundred pages or so, would have a really terrific ending that made it all worth it. View all 6 comments. And last but not the least, Kostova’s prose is absolutely beautiful——at times old-fashioned verging on the purple but in a good way ; at others downright effective and straight to the point.

I did enjoy this, all digression and prevarication aside and Elizabeth Kostova can write and is clearly an excellent historian in her own right, which is what pushed me on to the end without feeling the need to drive a stake through my own heart.

Her Hungarian seemed to have all the diacritical markings in it, and I am unsure of the Bulgarian, since she used our alphabet rather than cyrillic. Kostova’s attention to historical accuracy, specifically regarding the historical figure of Vlad the Impaler rather than the mythical and paranormal Dracula the Vampire.

But at this point, you are expecting something grand and wonderful. The Historian has none of this melodramatic buildup. I don’t mind LONG books either – some of my favorites run in the page realm.

La Historiadora : Elizabeth Kostova :

Remember the classic christmas movie – A Christmas Story – when Ralphie gets the Secret Decoder Ring in the mail and decodes the secret message “Drink your Ovaltine” and says, “Thats it?!? I mean, are you kidding? Vlad Tepes holds no danger. Clearly Kostova is very influenced by Gothic and Victorian writers like Stoker, so maybe this book would have a grand payoff of an ending to merit the praise and best-sellerness.


Yes, her character is supposed to be young, but the writing can be elegant, even with a young and immature subject. I guess that’s why its called the historian and I guess that’s why many people find history boring.

This book is impossible to resist. The premise for this book was really intriguing but the story gets lost in page after page of unrelenting descriptions and cryptic dialogue. The biggest aspect I found to complain about, is that I’d expected a bit more sol This novel would have done well to have large parts of the first half culled.

And not just any vampire, but the mack daddy himself, Dracula, the real Vlad the Impaler, who turns out to be the undead. To drive the story.

La Historiadora

One here or there would be fine, even interesting, but it’s as if the author decided ‘here’s how the plot should go’, and couldn’t be bothered to come up with realistic reasons for characters to do things and just wanted to move them from one point to another. I kept telling my friends I was reading “a book about hunting for Dracula through libraries across Europe,” and that it was about as exciting as it sounds.

A really good piece of intelligent fantasy, vividly written. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova 29 35 Jun 01,