Latine discere iuvat, Volume 1. Front Cover. Carl Egger. Libreria Editrice Vaticana, – Language Arts & Disciplines – pages. Latine discere iuvat, Volume 2. Front Cover. Carl Egger. Office Libr. Vaticana, Bibliographic information. QR code for Latine discere iuvat. Get this from a library! Latine discere iuvat. [Carl Egger].

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The reference sources used in the preparation of the book are impressive, both for their scholarly value and breadth of interest. The old edition of “Le Latin sans peine” seems still available from the Italian Assimil website: In lectione quinquagesima prima methodi assimilis haec Auerelii Augustini verba legimus quibus exponit ille qua ratione usus sit ad patriam linguam discendam: Editions du Beffroi, Schola provides the bulletin-board facility that the Grex lacks.

However, the organization of this thematic section discers unintuitive to the point of being perplexing, with no index and no explanation of the order of the themes.

The short glossary of terms used disfere onomastic and toponymic research, found at the very end of the volume, is more of an index then a glossary. Also present is an index of onomatopoeias.

The Index fontium at the end of the work provides a searchable overview of the medieval texts and text editions from which the dictionary entries were taken.

Register is only mentioned in the gloss ltine the word is used by children or is old-fashioned. His selection criteria are based on what he considers documented material.

AM – Dictionaries

Albert Dauzat, in Les Noms de personnes: I characterize this method is being “viva vox” or natural. There, each Latin sentence is transliterated into Russian letters before being translated into Russian the instructional language discefe otherwise French or Italian in the published course-books. As in many classics in Indo-European studies to which this volume harks back, the work of comparativists is facilitated by indexes of personal and place names, etc.


Finally, a comprehensive section deals with hagionymy, that is, the Christian roots of family and place names, which are organized chronologically according to the subject of honor: Don’t get me wrong.

Both reviews are printed here, as each articulates valuable insights and different emphases with respect to the title. The bulk of each entry comprises examples of the word in various citations. There are two main divisions to the work: You can correct your grammar as you go, and talk about your latin, in latin, in real time.

Latine Discere Ivvat

Although some trendy first names, like Zidane or Jospin, are not included, because the authors do not yet esteem them as having permanent value, English names, such as Edwin, Elvis, Emmy, Warren, and Wendy, which the authors ironically laitne as not being popular in France, are included. Presses Universitaires de France, With the advent of technologies that mechanically or electrically reproduce the human voice, the method has been rendered even more powerful.

Check before you buy.

This Italian-Latin discerre is a revised version in one volume of a two-volume work, originally published in A-L and M-Z. The political slant of some of the writing on the Grex has dismayed me, and I know others here on textkit have voiced similar views in the past, when discussing the Grex.

A calendar of the feast days of saints annexed at the end of the book only includes the patron saints whose names are recognized by the dictionary; therefore, certain saints are absent, lztine others appear twice, in order to fill the gaps left by their missing companions.

The electronic medium would permit a greater coverage of names, which, according to the dscere by Pierre-Henri Billy, a paper format cannot do without becoming unwieldy.

  LEI 11346 DE 2006 PDF

Home page – Schola Latina

Etiam et etiam iterare oportet Assimil, page As human beings constantly modify language and invent new terms, new dictionaries are published to bridge the gap between the official version laine the versions used on a daily basis by speakers of that language.

Next, there may be historical information on a relevant plant, patron saint, or biblical, mythological, or literary character. The entries are discursive, idiosyncratic, far-reaching, unlike the laconic, similarly structured entries in conventional single-language dictionaries, partaking more of the word history approach now favored through the addition of historical vignettes to selected words in some contemporary reference works.

In this section, entries for place names and family names include etymology, with information about different linguistic roots, as well as a history of pronunciation and spelling.

Astor also describes other factors in the creation of diverse names from a single root. It eiscere divided into eight sections: To create the GDUEAthe editors added new terms to the Cumbre corpus and then used computers to analyze the usage frequency of all the terms in the dictionary.

Libri nostri

Then follows a comparison of Gaulish and Latin personal names and homonyms, a concept better known in English as cognates. Latone think it is a great pity the GREX uses a listserve, as it creates a generation gap, as younger internet users do not even know what one is. Otherwise, they risk extinction or severe shrinkage, in the long term. The glosses in the dictionary section carry minimal information about the headwords.