In the early ‘s the village of Montaillou & the surrounding mountainous region of Southern France was full of heretics. When Jacquest Fournier, Bishop of. Most editions of Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’s classic Montaillou, first published in French 40 years ago, have one of two subtitles, neither of. Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Montaillou: Cathars and Catholics in a French Village, Montaillou itself is a tiny village in the south of France, in a region of high.

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The Medieval Universe 9 Source Exercise 3: Nov 29, Mihai Zodian rated it it was amazing.

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Montaillou

This largely Cathar peasant community faced the opposition of a “totalitarian church” that taxed it mercilessly and used the Inquisition to exterminate its dominant religion. For example, I had always thought of the crusades as taking place in the Middle East, and my knowledge of the Inquisition came mainly from Monty Python.

I get the draw of that Cathar stuff – it does at least allow you to have a bit of a laugh while you’re alive.

Despite all the plus points, I did struggle with this book at times. laduurie

The Wars of the Roses 8 Source Exercise 4: In him, Ladugie homosexuality found neither its troubadour nor its philosopher. The topic is fascinating but the book is hard to read, perhaps because of the translation.


Montaillou: The Promised Land of Error by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie

This amazing study of life in small village in the early fourteenth century in southern Laudrie is a classic example of good use of archive material. Log In Sign Up. Change description in Dutch. A brief reading of the Wikipedia page on Cathars was enough background to make up for that. I looked up Montaillou yesterday on-line. Skip to main content.

This book probably holds the answer. The villagers were questioned in considerable detail, especially since it seemed to the Inquisition that the whole village was involved with Catharism. This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve.

And this is how the heresy spread: Sometimes it read like a piece of crappy prose with WAY too much detail, sometimes it read like a gossip column that man’s wife had an affair wi We had a good laugh about this book in class.

What happens in this passage Gibbon: Unfortunately, the point is made ladure the cost of most interest, because the emotional data points that drive the heroic or romantic a. I have read and understood this message. The First Crusade Source Exercise 2: The World we have Lost: His reading of the archives is so subtle and insightful that we find family stories and detailed accounts of the lives of the peasant inhabitants of Montaillou, the last village to support the ‘heresy’ and the recipients of special attention form the Inquisition as the church set out to reassert its authority.

The Athenian Empire Source Exercise 1: By the end of the book, the individuals who told their tales to Bishop Fournier have come to seem like characters in a soap opera, all ldurie and with the Highly-regarded, and it’s easy to see why.


On the other hand, the peasants were free. If you care to, you can feel like you’re right there with the beleaguered peasants of Montaillou.

If you ever wanted to know every minute detail about life in a tiny heretic village in France ladudie the Inquisition, this is your book. Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie is a French historian whose work is mainly focused upon Languedoc in the ancient regime, particularly the history of the peasantry.

Montaillou: The Promised Land of Error

Ladurie points out that Catharism may have been yet another factor in support of sexual permissiveness, but that this religion merely supported a trend already in existence. Since the intended arrival time was 8pm, at 1am I was still trying to find a comfortable reading position on a train seat, whilst distracted by low blood sugar and a loud drunken hen party.

Jul 06, Gretha rated it really liked it. Clergue was the fascinating scoundrel who played both sides in the conflict between the Cathar village and the Inquisition.