Learning Perl (Nutshell Handbooks) [Randal L. Schwartz] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Learning Perl is designed for those who seek a. by Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix, and brian d foy O’Reilly Media, Inc. Learning Perl, the image of a llama, and related trade dress are. Learning Perl, better known as “the Llama book”, starts the programmer on the way to mastery. Written by three prominent members of the Perl community who.

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You don’t need any prior programming knowledge to find this a useful resource. This book is absolutely marvelous and I just read the second edition; little did I know that there were newer ones. Schwartz selected the world of The Flintstones for the examples in this book, giving rise to the somewhat frequent use of Fred and Barney as metasyntactic variablesrather than the classic foo and bar.

Now I would recommend learning other languages such as Python or Ruby. Jan 11, Amit Saurav rated it really liked it Shelves: Paperback4th Editionpages.

Is Perl Easy or Hard?

Learning Perl

The publisher offers a complete set of code examples presented in the 3rd Edition book. Learnijg use JavaScript more, and I certainly find JavaScript most amusing, but Perl can operate on “any” operating system without the support of a web browser! It made me proud of myself, and that sense of accomplishment is still a main driving force to this leanring.

I have programmed in Python and a little bit in C and I think this book is great – and so is perl. Mar 01, Shreef A rated it liked it.

Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles with Open Library links. Mastering Perlthe third book in the trilogy and follow-up to Intermediate Perlwas first published larning July and is also in a second edition as of Burke chromatic Adam Kennedy brian d foy Jesse Vincent. This book made my teen years special: However, that book wouldn’t have made any sense to me without reading this book first.


Want to Read saving….

Learning Perl, 6th Edition – O’Reilly Media

The chapter assignments are helpful, although I’m concerned that with only three to four assignments per chapter I’m missing key concepts which will be called on in later chapters. May 02, Nick Black rated it did not like it Shelves: Fourthly, it has an index, which is a small fact comparatively and indeed most reference books have indices these days.

Highly recommended for anyone who randao to learn about Perl.

This especially became important as fewer and fewer “groups of 10 or more” popped up for me to present the classic leanring. But, honestly, once we finished writing the index, the rest was hardly any trouble at all. Popularly known as “the Llama,” Learning Perl is the book most programmers rely on to get started with this versatile language.

My review wouldn’t be a particularly fair one because I didn’t get too far with this.

Learning Perl, 7th Edition [Book]

It’s comprehensive but compact, outlined well too. Sorry for dedicating most of my review to irrelevant clauses and exclaiming wildly about Perl. Schwartz on Bt 16, 3: Retrieved from ” https: And thanks to this selfsame worthy tome, it did so excellently.

More than once, I had thought about turning the course into a video, but lacked the time, energy, coordination, etc. What About the Exercises and Their Answers? I could find anything quite quickly with the excellent TOC. The Learning Perl book “Llama book” is the best-selling intro-to-Perl book available. You can finally see me give the course I’ve given probably hundreds of times before, bad jokes and all.

As quickly as my need to learn Perl arose, it diminished and disappeared. With Learning Perl, within a few hours I had a little program reading inputs and writing files. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Is There Any Kind of Support? So one of my Unix admin co-workers has been extolling Perl, and I opted to pick up what appears to be the beginner’s volume published by O’Reilly my favorite tech publisher.


Search this blog Search. Feb 22, Manny rated it it was ok Shelves: I already knew a little bit about perl from reading a Wikipedia article and looking at the perldoc documentation, but Learning Perl taught my some very useful things that I would have never found alone splicing, nongreedy regexes, just to name a few.

Learning Perl, 7th Edition

It was indeed to the best of my knowledge the instigator of my application of programming outside of Visual Studio, which, if you’re well acquainted with these areas… well, never mind. As the book says, perl has a hy learning curve, but once you understand all the tricks you will have high productivity, so don’t expect this to be an easy ride.

Retrieved June 23, According to the 5th edition of the book, schwaetz editions have sold more thancopies. And now they’re working on Perl 6!!!! Preview — Learning Perl by Randal L. I hope sometime to read the later editions, because Perl is simply that wonderful. For most of the 90’s and the early x’s, teaching the classroom course based on the book which was based on the previous course, which was based on the previous book View table of contents.

Well, when an aspiring programmer has the bountiful power of the Linux kernel at his command, along with a worthy tome, something is bound to happen.