Lepra tuberculoide. Rios González, Carlos Miguel Cátedra de Dermatología. Facultad de Ciencias Médicas. Universidad Nacional de Caaguazú. Paraguay. El 65,4 % de los casos índices fueron hombres y 22 (84,6 %) lepromatosos; dos tenían lepra indeterminada y dos tuberculoide. Los casos secundarios fueron. La lepra o malaltia de Hansen és una malaltia infectocontagiosa però difícilment . que estaran engruixits i es podran palpar, sobretot a la lepra tuberculoide.

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The patient reported here suffered both bilateral blindness and leonine facies Figure 1. In spite of ongoing, prolonged contact, conjugal leprosy is not frequent and requires several years to develop in the second person. De las Aguas, T. He is tuberculoife monitored by his general practitioner and receives domiciliary care for his left knee lesions and diabetes.

This rhinomaxillary syndrome only corresponds to the lepromatous form of leprosy 7which is that suffered by the patient described here Figure 1 and, most likely, was what affected his close relatives. Weekly Epidemiological Record22 May. Their border is much less defined than in the tuberculoid form of leprosy.

The epidemiology of leprosy. Administration of paracetamol, haloperidol, NPH insulin and rohypnol. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol ; Hence the leprous bacilli may form large clusters in the nerve sheath, and in some patients this may at first lead to hyperaesthesia.

Quinolones, such as ofloxacin and pefloxacin, as well as some macrolides, such as clarithromycin and minocyclin are also effective 6. He had spontaneous mobility of the extremities, where examination revealed the amputation of fingers and toes of the left foot, as well as the supracondylar amputation of the right lower extremity. Inthe WHO attempted to describe these degrees of semi-quantitative response, designating them as borderline tuberculoid BT and borderline lepromatous BL Similares no Google Citados no Google Scholar.

He lives with his wife, a daughter and five grandchildren. Although regarded as eradicated in Portugal, is still documented in neuropathological study of patients with clinical peripheral neuropathy without proper diagnosis. How to cite this article. Such bacteriological findigs and the proved mutation of tuberculoid leprosy into lepromatous type, demolished the basis of the so-called “polar” classification of leprosy.


The mean age at diagnosis was 52 years, and sensory symptoms predominate as neurological manifestation of disease.

However, the absence of a granulomatous form or inflammatory response reduces the tissue destruction characteristic of the tuberculoid form.

Despite these problems the tendency tuberculoude the disease to preserve the main viscera means that life expectancy is barely reduced. Depending on the stage at which they are diagnosed, the appearance of these lesions may be leppra to those of other conditions and this makes the differential diagnosis difficult 2,6, Population survey to determine risk factors for Mycobacterium lepra transmission and infection.

Dermatology Online Journal

Time trends tubercuuloide the analysis of incidence rate of leprosy among household contacts. A review and case report Leprz lepromatosa: Desikan KV, Srivastava G. Although the trunk may be affected, few lesions are generally observed in this region 1.

He attended a long-stay unit during the summer of for a limited period two months in order to provide family respite. This nodular dermal appearance, often referred to as leonine facies, is another facial deformity characteristic of leprosy 1,8. The diagnosis, based on clinical suspicion, is confirmed through bacteriological and histopathological analyses in which non-caseating granulomas are observedas well as by means of the lepromin test intradermal reaction that is usually negative in lepromatous leprosy form and positive in the tuberculoid form 6.

Ortner D, Aufderheide AC, eds. It ,epra believed that these patients are much less contagious than those with lepromatous leprosy 1,6.

This presented an obstacle in terms of following an adequate dental treatment. Mycobacterium leprae, lepromatous leprosy, tuberculoid leprosy, differential diagnosis. The resulting nodules may become ulcerated.

J Clin Microbiol ; La baja patogenicidad de M. This external soft tissue deformity constitutes one of the main facial alterations seen in patients with leprosy 1.

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Lepra – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

This consists in the intradermal injection of lepromin extract of the leprous bacillus taken from sick patients. Male patient aged tuberculodie with no known allergies; he smokes twenty cigarettes a day and has a history of moderate alcohol abuse.

The symptoms are often so non-specific that the disease is not suspected prior to the appearance of skin lesions. This leads to arthritis and septic osteomyelitis of non-leprous origin, accompanied by bone destruction and compromised movement due to muscular paralysis also secondary to nerve the damagewhich results in osteoporosis and bone atrophy.

Blood tests upon admission corroborated the anaemic state and the hepatic and renal alterations indicated previously.

In other cases the bone involvement is secondary to peripheral neuropathy. Int J Lepr other Mycobact Dis ; A hard and rigid irregular nerve trunk is sometimes observed in the more superficial areas of the elbow cubital nerve or at the head of the fibula peroneal nerve.

Evolution of the disease: Clinical aspects of leprosy. Current Syntheses and Future Options. Therefore, it seemed of interest to review the topic by means of a highly representative clinical case. Quinolones, such as ofloxacin and pefloxacin, as well as some macrolides, such as clarithromycin and minocyclin, are also effective. The disease presents polar clinical forms the “multibacillary” lepromatous leprosy and the “paucibacillary” tuberculoid leprosyas well as other intermediate forms with hybrid characteristics.

ReadCube Visualizar o texto. At some undetermined point the patient suffers an initial bacillaemia, which may be repeated through recurrent episodes or progress toward a continuous bacteraemia. Laboratory studies suggest there to be a defective T-cell response to the antigens of M.