After the groundbreaking decision1 from the Constitutional Council of France, last month against the three strikes law adopted in May, the. Demonstrations and protests against the Haute Autorité pour la diffusion des œuvres et la protection des droits sur internet (HADOPI) law. 1 reference. But the correct inferences to draw are that HADOPI and Ley Sinde are just an expensive waste of time, and that people don’t expect to get.

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Uadopi two of the Commission of Intellectual Property safeguards the rights of intellectual property against unlawful profit making or harmful behaviour Article The law passed in May created this obligation: Some refer to it as the Loi Hadopi 2.

Join the Insider Chat. It is also worth noting that not only would the judge receive statements from an executive agency but would also rely on the latter to enforce their decisions. The DEA is also controversial because it was given one hour of Parliamentary discussion and passed the last day of Parliament hadop the General Election in without enjoying weeks of scrutiny usually given to complex legislation Meyer, You don’t think an initiative that has failed to deliver on its goals, cost millions of dollars from hadipi, and spent two years to catch the wrong person warrants at least some concern?

The more the merrier I say.

Various factors contributed to this delay as well such as changes in the composition of the government, and the Ministry of Culture in particular. I am guessing that HADOPI has created some fantastic business opportunities for services that are a lot harder to track and shut down than torrents.

France’s HADOPI 2 Passes

A group called Hsdopi Quadrature du Net is a strong lobbyist against the law. Cookies enable us to collect information that helps us personalise your experience and improve hadoi functionality and performance of our site. Ninja profile19 Feb USA about million internet users Germany 68 million internet users http: Leey feel sorry for them just because they’ve decided to stick with a business model that doesn’t allow them to take the money being offered.

So it is even dubious that the Constitutional Council would consider this new sanction as a mere fine. Retrieved February 12, Indeed, any new revenue for cultural works under the form of a statutory tax must go with new rights for the public — most notably the right for people to freely exchange cultural works for non-commercial purposes.


Internal developments, a combination of reactions from an — unintended — public debate and opposition offered by leading cultural actors as well as change of government, caused challenges to the passing of the law.

It is however important to make a methodological note: IDC claimed that To facilitate this, its strategy was to control technological use by intervening on three distinct levels, on the level of the user, the level of institutions and the level of jurisdiction. Next up, France and Spain will probably try to go after payment processors for usenet and vpn providers. This particular case study constitutes one of identified cases that we are working with to build theory on the emergent copyright regime, whereby, we argue, policy laundering as a strategy for imposing law reform is becoming problematically common.

HTML is no longer supported. Anonymous Coward19 Feb 3: However, by no means does this bill respond to the flaws outlined by the Constitutional Council: In particular, the paper argues that permeability of regulatory change is achieved across a variety of sociocultural milieus, despite Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat contestation and resistance by civil society. They added that Internet now plays an instrumental role in guaranteeing the effectiveness of that right — free speech — and therefore cannot be arbitrarily removed.

Furthermore, in case the presumed unlawful user is not properly identified, the section can ask the judge for an authorisation to ask ISPs for client data. Concretely, political pressure by the U. The Spanish case is a reminder of the importance of policy process forces have on policy regimes, such as the Uadopi. Why is Belgium ahead of the last 2? Before the leyy can become law, the National Assembly and Senate must combine their passed bills, according to sources] French legislators today approved, by a vote toa pioneering bill in French allowing authorities to cut off internet access and impose fines on those found to have downloaded copyrighted material without authorisation.

HADOPI May Be Succeeding — In Driving French Customers To Dotcom’s Mega | Techdirt

We’re nadopi banana republic of Europe, privately downloading infringing stuff is almost legal here technically it’s illegal, but nobody is getting prosecuted.


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Log In Sign Up. Charges based on worthless proofs The proposed bill gives the HADOPI powers of judicial police that give the executive agency the ability to make statements of alleged copyright infringements through the collection of IP address on peer-to-peer networks. The concrete sections on violations of copyright, intellectual property and Internet traffic have been referred to as the Law Sinde. A certain displacement of the centres of debate and negotiation, and the international nature of the flow of interests — in combination with the time frame of implementation gadopi the absence of hadopl concerning the politicised contents of the law like the Spanish Commission of Intellectual Property formed by politically appointed executives without judicial profile — can be considered symptoms of policy laundering.

CuriosityStream 2 Year Subscription 0 From tothis report referred to Spain as one of the countries of concern. The regulatory package was presented simultaneously as a formula against economic recession and as the first decisive step towards a new form of government and a new culture of action. Do you need professional PDFs? So if it has no effect, why are you obsessed over it? Afterwards, section two passes sentence, and in case of unlawful contents, the user will have 24 hours to delete unlawful content; non—withdrawal means that the ISP hosting the unlawful content will have 72 hours to interrupt its service Article Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Yet, IP addresses cannot constitute a valid proof: PDF, accessed 7 May Which is ironic if you think about it. The combined transposition of the Directives has generated several regulatory changes in EU haropi Ninja profile20 Feb 2: It introduced a non—judicial body of executive power to determine, interpret and mediate legal infringements. Such procedure — so far restricted to only a few categories of simple litigation such leh traffic regulation — fails to guarantee the right to a fair trial:.

PaulT profile20 Feb