Linked: The New Science of Networks is a popular science book written by the Hungarian physicist Albert-László Barabási and first published by the Perseus. Praise. “A sweeping look at a new and exciting science.” —Donald Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief, Science Magazine. “Captivating Linked is a playful, even. Albert-Laszlo Barabasi traces the fascinating history of connected systems, beginning with mathematician Leonhard Euler’s first forays into graph theory in the.

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He also constantly reminds barsbasi of who people are and the differences between their models, which was helpful. Find here Amazon BN. An interesting introduction for the generalist reader then, but with limitations.

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Anti-Science and the Assault on Democracy. The flow of the book is also very good. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of This book is a joy to read and it can help you get in the proper mindset to “grok” networks; however, it won’t make you an expert in computer science or social media marketing. The story is told with a gentle pace, and some sections will keep you awake. Also, cascading failures e.

This is an excellent read.

You Are the Universe. It is constantly evolving and adapting. Thus, such a path cannot exist on a graph that has more than two nodes with an odd number of links. For example, hubs surface in the cell, in the network of molecules connected by chemical reactions.

Fast Tracking Identity Resolution. Would have given 5 stars, if it wasn’t some parts a bit repetitive at the end. At 32, he was the youngest professor to… More about Albert-Laszlo Barabasi. The New Science of Networks is that, after reading it, you can’t look anywhere without seeing networks. I intend linkeed follow barabadi with “Hidden Order: Traditional marketing theories will tell you that the combination of free service, low learning path, and rapid reach through consumer marketing has put the product above the threshold, and that is why it reached everybody.


For example I call my “Hub”-friends “Conectrixes. His approach relies on the digital reality of our world, from mobile phones to the Internet and email, because it has turned society into a huge research laboratory. And if we figure out the critical threshold, we can figure out if the innovation will succeed.

Read it Forward Read it first. He writes in understandable lay-speak glittering with wit.

Overall, a great introduction to network modeling, and some interesting food for thought. In a previous life I would have had a better understanding of power series and therefore a deeper understanding of how networks are shown to be less random and more law driven — but in this book such an understanding of mathematics is not assumed nor needed to follow the argument. This book has a lot of interesting information about the structure of the Internet.

Nov 27, Christian Euler rated it it was ok. There’s nothing smooth or random int he way life expresses itself, but bursts dominate at all time scales, from milliseconds to hours in our cells; from minutes to weeks in our activity patterns; from weeks to years when it comes to diseases; from millenia to millions of years in evolutionary processes. I rea So, I had to read this for a class, which meant that I took notes on every single chapter. Supremely interesting book that delves into network theory and how it’s understanding and growth in every branch of science from Biology to Computer Science and Economics will undoubtedly change the way we view the world.


As the Konigsberg graph had four such nodes, one could not find the desired path.

This was a thrilling insight that has held up in subsequent fin I would like to see an updated edition of this book come out soon, one that includes the latest research in protein, gene, and microbiome networks. Brief Answers to the Big Questions. See all books by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi.

The second is the condition of preferential attachmentthat is, nodes websites will wish to link themselves to hubs websites with the most connections. Or they could reveal that he will develop Alzheimer’s disease by seventy. Then there’s something about the Bose-Einstein equation, which is quite tough, but the consequences are: The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth.

Barabási Albert-László – Books

I enjoyed some of the technical details described with graph theory. Your Place in the Universe. They are the patent signatures of self-organization in complex systems. So this review is barabazi just more for me to remember things than for anyone else.

Albert-László Barabási

Barbasi isn’t a popular writer interpreting science eg Gladwell or Surowiecki — he’s a real mathematician responsible for some of this theory. Or the spread of a viral epidemic through populations. People in business in particular could probably get something out of it. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

This book might be too elementary for some people who already understand networks lawzlo the maths behind them. This would suggest that bursts require the ability to set priorities.