Description. The LM/LMC series are dual general purpose operational amplifiers, having short circuits protected and require no external components. LM LM – Dual Operational Amplifier, Package: TO-5, Pin Nb=8. The LM and the LM are general purpose dual operational amplifiers. LM Dual Operational Amplifier. Features. Internal frequency compensation Short circuit protecion Large common mode and differential voltage range No.

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No frequency compensation required.

The LM and the LM are general purpose dual. The two amplifiers share a common.

Wide common-mode and differential voltage ranges. The LM is identical to the LM except that the.

LM Datasheet PDF – Dual Operational Amplifier

LM has its specifications guaranteed over the tempera. No latch up when input common mode range is. C instead of ?


Lead Temperature Soldering, 10 sec. Distributors for availability and specifications. Vapor Phase 60 seconds.

LM National Semiconductor Dual Operational Amplifier ChipFind Datasheet Archive |

Power Dissipation Note 2. ESD tolerance Note 6. Input Voltage Note 3. Electrical Characteristics Note 4.

Large Signal Voltage Gain. Operating Ratings indicate conditions for which the device is. The maximum junction temperature of the LM is ? C, while that of the LM is ? For operating at elevated temperatures, devices in the H For the DIP the device must be derated based.

Datasheet «LM1458»

For supply voltages less than? C, unless otherwise specified. With the LM, however, all specifications are limited to. Human body model, 1.

Numbers in parentheses are pin numbers for amplifier B. Metal Can Package H. Small Outline Package M. A critical component is any component of a life. Life support devices or systems are devices or. Europe Customer Support Center. Japan Customer Support Center. National does not assume any responsibility for use of dataseet circuitry described, no circuit patent licenses are implied and National reserves the right at any time without notice to change said circuitry and specifications.