Love Notes: Marriage and Famliy lifeIn “Al Maghrib Lecture”. Etiquettes of a Student of KnowledgeIn “Al Maghrib Lecture”. Scheduling our day. Course notes for Al Maghrib: Love Notes by Sh Yahya Ibrahim in Toronto,ON. More. Facebook © AlMaghrib Institute Melbourne’s photo. AUG Love Notes – AlMaghrib Seminar. Public. · Hosted by AlMaghrib Institute Melbourne.

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May Allah ease the path you take in order to get some knowledges. But Barirah listens to no one. Rasulullah SAW knew ‘Aisyah got jealous, thus he feed her with the food that has not fell off, and said to her, you might like this. Touched by an Angel: And when the wife bring the meal to Rasulullah SAW he looked delighted, and ‘Aisyah got jealous and break the plate, so some of the food fell to the ground.

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May Allah SWT reward those who compiled the notes! Thus having a feeling for someone is a sign of perfection.

Jazaka Allah for these collections. Since she was a slave, she was forced to marry him. So hopefully, we can act like how Rasulullah did to his spouse and learn from his wisdoms.


AlMaghrib Seminars’ Notes | سراجاً منير

Are you able to send me the Code of Scholars and Evolution of Fiqh pdfs? I must say this is not my first time following Al-Maghrib event but maybe sixth or seventh time, since it is just super amazingly beneficial seminar i can find. A set her free, she demand to divorce with her husband.

Speaking of marriage I remembered one story when ‘Aisyah RA got jealous with the other wife. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Al Maghrib Course:Love Notes | Notes of a Student

Area Touched by notew Angel: Tak jawab dosa, kalau jawab sayang: It appears the site wanted me to register and I do not want to. One story that i remembered the sheikh told us, there was a slave lady named Barirah married to Mughith.

I would highly recommend you, to join this Al-Maghrib event be it fiqh of marriage or dua and dzikr or solat. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Do not raise your voices above the voice of the Prophet.

Study Material

Thats all for now. Like us on Facebook. But not notrs forget Ibnu Qayyim also said,”love is divided into two types: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Eventhough, Mughith was crazy over his wife, Rasulullah SAW let him be, so that at one point he realises what oove was doing, and recover himself. I know, people in my ages would probably wonder, how can we know the love is permissible or not. But when ‘Aisyah R.

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Why Take the Love Notes Exam?

We certainly aware that love comes from the heart, and “Hearts are between the fingers of Allah, and He flips them nnotes way He wishes” Sahih Muslim Second, he didn’t offend ‘Aisyah in a way,”Please replace the broken plate” instead, “why not you share to her what you have cooked? He didn’t get angry even though ‘Aisyah broke the plate but instead calm her. Indeed he is the greatest example of human beings. Notify me of new comments via email. Can I use your notes from your lectures for a virtual library for sisters?

So here i am, trying to share few things that i find newest to almaghriv and I hope you glad to read it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You Might Also Like. So Alhamdulillah, here are some notes that I’ve made for the two days seminar.

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