The Sequenza-Series is considered to be one of the most important cycles of the 20th century. Luciano Berio: Sequenza I for flute | UE November Berio’s Sequenza I has been a part of the modern flutist’s cannon ever since it’s publication in by Zerboni in Milan. The. Berio Sequenza Audio Recording and Saunders Bite. Posted on . Luciano Berio’s Sequenza no.1 for flute is one of my favorite pieces.

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The symmetrical chromatic scale gives way to more complex collections of notes; these more complex gestures are incorporated into the work in a way that provides the impression whole blocks of notes in counterpoint with other blocks.

Berio notated the piece so that an individual staff line has a fixed duration, while the durations of individual notes are indicated proportionately–that is, a small distance between one note and the next squenza a short duration, whereas a greater distance denotes a longer duration.

Introspection Late Night Partying.

Sequenza I, for flute | Details | AllMusic

I also love teaching it; it has so much to offer in terms of technique especially articulation! Sustained pitches are set against fast passagework, high is set against low, aggressive against introspective: Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. No rehearsals or teaching this early in the year. This kind of “open” structure allows for flexibility within an otherwise rigorous form.


From Ebrio to Z, Vol.

Sequenza I – Wikipedia

Jazz Latin New Age. Nevertheless, neither you nor I can assume that a work without a traditional tonal center and without traditional harmonic relationships is devoid of centers and relationships entirely.

Next week there are plenty of pieces to prepare, old and new, but I decided to forget about them and devote my practice time to concentrate on Berio. I am unashamedly playing from the old edition. This juxtaposition of regulated versus improvisatory musical materials, however, was not the main impetus behind Sequenza I. This is luxury, as I have said. Sequenxa Day Relaxation Road Trip. Well, I have news for you, Sr. Although watching oneself opens another can of worms. I have also enjoyed watching Paula Robison speak on the subject.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

Luciano Berio: Sequenza I

Berio’s precedents in this regard include the solo flute and other solo lucixno works of Bachbut the harmonic language of the twentieth century required a new approach to this “virtual polyphony.

Her theatricality, her agility, never cease to inspire me.

Luciano Berio’s Sequenza I for flute is an example of a partially indeterminate musical form. Streams Videos All Posts.

One big influence on Berio that I seauenza really should be mentioned is that of the musicians around him, namely, his wife at the time, Cathy Berberianfor whom he wrote the third Sequenza.


AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. This is one reason it is not my favorite piece to listen to. Sequenza I was sequezna for the flutist Severino Gazzelloniwho premiered the work at Darmstadt in I am allowing myself a luxury.

I love her recording of the vocal Sequenza too, but Lucixno just came across a recent recording of the Sequenza no. So how do you prepare, follow the score or the recorded performance?

So if you are interested in a massive, expressive, sighing, ranting piece for bsrio flute with low B, please check it out! Works for Flute Solo.

Sequenza I, for flute

beri Share on facebook twitter tumblr. But contact me or Rebecca first, because she has made significant changes to the score since my last performance in Berlin September which I am not sure Ricordi has published yet. The video has not been issued yet, but I hope that when it comes out it will offset my disquiet.