This course is designed to give participants an understanding of the requirements for qualification of a lyophilizer and validation of lyophilization processes. Since lyophilizer sterilization and sterilization of the nitrogen system used to backfill require separate validation, media fills should primarily validate the filling, . With Lyophilizers and Freeze Dryer validation, it is essential to verify that the system can meet and control to the different temperature.

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This removes the water content from product by a process called sublimation.

Freeze Drying / Lyophilization Information: Basic Principles

As freeze drying is a rather expensive process most products being processed are within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. There should at least be a weight or volume change. Company Name Mesa Labs. Her experience includes her current role as a Quality Partner as well as strategic leadership roles in the laboratory, project management, and clinical trial manufacturing.

A recommended approach is validatoon first set the system pressure using the vapor pressure of ice table. These products can benefit from a thermal treatment process, which is also called annealing. For sterilize-in-place SIP cycles, it is necessary to reproducibly demonstrate the ability to maintain the required temperatures, generate sufficient lethality during the cycle and reduce biological indicator populations to meet the customer requirements and industry standards.


Find a Product Specialist Request a Quote. Product trays with removable-bottoms are available when working with vials.

About Our Trusted Brands. An isolation valve can be added to the vapor port that connects the product chamber to the condenser. These emails are lyophiliaer by scammers. Condenser cooling rates are for information only.

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The ballasting valve admits plant room air – unless it has been specially piped back to only admit room quality vallidation. If an event must be cancelled, registrants will be notified by PDA as soon as possible and will receive a full refund. Each manufacturing facility is an ISO If you receive emails that propose to sell PDA conference attendee lists, do not engage with the sender and delete the message immediately.

Get the latest articles from Pharmaceutical Online delivered to your inbox. With simple manifold freeze dryers, the product is placed in a vial or flask depending on quantity, and then frozen in a separate piece of equipment. When this pressure rise approaches zero, no more water vapor is being generated via sublimation.

Session 2 of 3 Part Series: Lyophilization Process Validation – Part 1 – SP Scientific

Barb Berglund has been working in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically with sterile parenteral dugs, for lyophilier 15 years. Processing and formulation development are important steps often taken to make a product ready for freeze drying and usable for its specific application. Do not use siliconized stoppers in the lyophilizer.


The most common product containers are flasks, vials and trays.

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This freezing method maximizes the product surface area and minimizes its thickness. Manifold freeze dryers rely on ambient conditions to provide the heat of sublimation to the product.

With the temperature and pressure parameters set, primary drying is then continued for a length of time sufficient for all of the ice crystals to be sublimed. Frozen products can be categorized as either crystalline or amorphous glass in structure. PDA reserves the right to modify the material or instructors without notice, or to cancel an event. This certificate can be submitted as verification of completion to the Board for license renewal.

The live transmission of data from all loggers placed inside of a chamber provides trouble free setup displaying accurate and instant process control along with documentation.

PDA will not allow persons to attend a course without payment, or guarantee of payment.

Sitemap Careers Contact Information. Exhibit Why Exhibit U. The refrigeration system cools the ice condenser located inside the freeze dryer.