Quick Tips for Polycom Telepresence m Jones, John. My IP: My Contacts. Enter an IP address, extension. (E address), or URL to call. Notes. Polycom RealPresence Desktop is an easy-to-use video collaboration app that provides HD quality audio, video and content sharing for PC users. Polycom Telepresence m Search our knowledge base or browse our documentation for answers to your support questions.

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It should be noted that the use of these formats is dependent on the bandwidth available on the network, and the particular PC hardware on which m is installed. The m is a point to point solution, but allows you to participate in multipoint video calls. The m interface was found to be very easy to use, and is clean and uncluttered.

It is not possible to mute or pause the video sent during a call, as it is in some other desktop clients. On the product website are various help documents:. When in a call it is possible to maximise the video window, use in full screen mode, or resize pilycom video window to any size preferred by the user. Once downloaded it is possible to run the software installer. The following potential impairments were considered and rated by the evaluators, and marked on a scale pklycom one to five, where:.

Polycom M 5-User – VoIP Supply

The client is easy to use, and offers many of the features found in dedicated videoconferencing equipment, including:. The Quick Poycom pdf is designed to be a folding double-sided A4 sheet. Table 1 shows the results experienced. Join Our Email List. The quality issues considered for video i. Skip to main content.


The user interface is kept clean and simple. A licence for each instance of m is required.

Polycom Telepresence m (free version) download for PC

The video display is maintained while the window is resized, so the transition from one size of video window to another is smooth. Bandwidth was set to kbps to try to encourage the two ends of the call to negotiate the best possible encoding and formats. It holds a list of the last 20 unique calls made i.

Movement and data, kbps — At this bandwidth there was some slight deterioration in quality and testers noticed some lip synchronisation issues. Configuration options are clearly laid out.

Making a Call There are a number of ways that call can be made. All tests were made with the picture at full screen. These are repeated at each bandwidth while audio quality is rated. Can you confirm if m allows you to join amultipoint conference in which you are patched in by JVCS? See Appendix 2 for a list of all of the CODECs that the m called during these tests, what n100 was negotiated, and how successful the testing was.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. There is an extensive knowledge-base available at the PolyCom website which includes answers to issues relating to the m software. The software in full-screen mode, during a call with another m user Figure 8. The installation of m was then finished. No Dual Display Capable: PolyCom m is an excellent desktop videoconferencing client.

The audio standards supported include the most basic G.

Polycom Telepresence m100

The program was downloaded from the PolyCom web site. It also offers SIP which was tested and worked fine. It handles low bandwidth very well and supports a wide variety of audio and video encoding standards. It m10 not necessary for the testers m1000 consult any documentation at all in order to start using the software. Allowing the software through the Windows Firewall When installation is complete the following message is seen: Auto-completion of a dialled number From the Contacts list or Recent Calls list — select the person or number you wish to dial and click the green call button.


No native widescreen support — can result in cropped or letterboxed video. Click any Product’s Add To Compare link to build your list. With sufficient bandwidth and in full-screen mode it successfully emulates an H. All of these features apart from the video window are always in view, pollycom although in general they are all essential elements of a videoconferencing application it seems unfortunate that they cannot be po,ycom of view when not needed. It should be noted that tests are conducted on a live network and so any results could be the affected by the state of the live network at the time of testing.

The software allows you to choose whether or not to use an H. Manual dialling — enter pklycom IP address or E.


At kbps the desktop sharing started very quickly and was of a very high quality. The various test criteria are described in the version of the Evaluations Documentation [REF], and the detailed results are reproduced in Oplycom 2.

It is possible to make calls by both IP address and E. All testing was done with a good quality Logitech pro camera and using a modern Windows 7 PC.