Full text of “Maha Narayana Upanishad Swami Vimalananda R. K. Mutt ” .. Vi^vapurusa Narayana—His Nature, Glory, His Resi¬ dence m the Heart. Sanskrit Literature, Hinduism texts, Dharma Texts, Vedic literature, Hinduism Scriptures, Upanishads, Vaishnavism, ‘Maha Narayana. Here you can read the Mahā Nārāyaṇa Upanishad; full text translated in English together with Romanized Sanskrit text and very detailed commentaries done by.

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Thou art the Truth denoted by the pranava. I bow down to Mahanaeayana in reverence: Thou art the remover of the offences we have committed against men.

Tfe- qw l w? A person who extends the continuity of progeny m the right way by rearing offsprings, according to the scriptural rules, discharges mmahanarayana debt towards his departed ancestors That alone is the way for him to pay off his debts towards his ancestors.

Those who are of a tranquil disposition do good merely by calmness.

There is one unborn Female Maya, the uncaused substance of the universe red, white and black representing Sattva, Rajas and Tamas producing manifold offspring of the same nature. Another person devoted to mahanwrayana Yedic rehgion upahishad that Agmhotra is the means of liberation Therefore some seekers of the highest good delight in the Agmhotra sacrifice [Accoidmg to the scnptural injunction yavaj jivam agmhotram juhuyat—one should perform Agmhotra till the end—a competent person, after conseciation of the Fire, must offer daily morning and evening oblations called Agmhotra without fail Some say this is the means of liberation.


O God, through Thy grace, may I obtain cattle, gold, wealth, food and drink, and all desired objects and beauty and prosperity, mahanagayana that this oblation be offered to Thee. May we know Narayana. Some consider that scriptural duty is the means of hberation. Let there be peace, and peace, and peace – in me, in my environment and in the forces that act on me!

Full text of “Maha Narayana Upanishad Swami Vimalananda R. K. Mutt “

Part of a series on. Verily I salute Sadyojata again and again 0 Sadyojata, do not consign me to mhaanarayana birth; lead me beyond birth, into the state of bliss and liberation. Thou art the bestower of the riches of light to the moon. The opposite of rati one who gives is arati one who does not concede to others or give even their dues Such are the enemies a person seeks to get rid of from his path either by praying away or overcoming by self-effort ]?

May we know the Divine Person.

May he destroy the evil one hostile to us. The text opens with cosmologywith a verse describing the Brahman principle as existent before the creation of universe, mahanaraywna existed as and in light in the “boundless cosmic water”.

Maha Narayana Upanishad Swami Vimalananda R. K. Mutt 1968

The word enas m the first line of the text appeals m the dative and it cannot be construed with pdhi, so it should be considered as an ablative for the purpose of syntax. Thou wert raised up by Krsna m His incarnation of the boar having hundred hands. Edible crops are water.

May the all-knowing One destroy what is unfriendly to us May He, the Divine Fire that leads all, protect us by taking us acioss all perils even as a captain takes the boat across the sea May He also save us from all wrongs. See also Mgveda I.


Mahā Nārāyaṇa Upanishad | Full | With Commentaries

By this oblation maahnarayana the quahties of sound, touch, colour, taste and smell residing m the above five elements constituting my body become purified. The gods having Visnu for their chief who is the perpetual abode of Sri by the help of the means prescribed in the Vedas won these worlds for themselves free from the fear of enemies.

They are born from Him. The text is classified as a Vaishnava Upanishad.

Mahanarayana Upanishad – Wikipedia

But seeing the world is not grasping God. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The largest number of people consider that procreation is the means of liberation. O Thou Lord, who art worshipped m all the sacrifices, I prostrate before Thee m deep reverence f I prostrate before Thee! That in which all this universe exists together and into which it dissolves, That in which all the gods remain enjoying their respective powers—That certainly is whatever that mahanaragana been in the past and whatever indeed is to come in the future.

Om Heaven Om Middle Region. The text glorifies Narayana Vishnu. Farquhar, John Nicol Salutation to Balavikarana Salutation to Bala. May Aghamarsana, the sage called by that name, purify us.