Lost and Found: The Boy Who Played Swami in ‘Malgudi Days’ Manjunath with RK Laxman (L); scene from Swami and Friends (Photo. This page guide for “Swami and Friends” by RK Narayan includes detailed The arrival of Rajam, who is the son of Malgudi’s new police superintendent. Swami And Friends By R. K. Narayan Online. I enjoyed reading this book after reading this book, I bought “Malgudi days” and “The guide” of the great story .

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His character is a kid in the fullest feeling of the world. The Bachelor of Arts.

Episode List

He has other friends as well with whom he came in bad terms after his friendship with Rajat. In response to that, Swami asks his teacher, on why did Jesus ate flesh and wine. Cover of Malgudi School days Puffin Classics edition. It has been 30 years since it was first introduced but we sqami cannot stop the hit of nostalgia everytime we think of it.

Swami once came on bad terms with the teacher of Scripture Class, Ebenezar. But later he breaks his friendship due to some reasons. He is smarter and grown-up than Mani.

He is a pretty well-known face in the Hindi telly circuit. He might get angry sometimes due to acts like scolding but he is genuinely an innocent guy. He is portrayed as a very kind person. One of the most watershed moments in the novel is the time when Rajam joins the school and he becomes friend with Swami. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Swami and Friends Character Sketch – A novel by R.K Narayan

The novel, the first book Narayan wrote, is set in British India in a fictional town called Malgudi. Narayan Indian period television series s Indian television series Indian television series malguri Television programmes based on Indian novels Television series about friendship Indian television shows set in fictional populated places Television shows set in the British Raj Indian television series endings Television series revived after cancellation.

He does not want to study. Five years later when Swami came back home, his Grandma welcomed him home. Daays known as Master Manjunath. He likes assisting or helping his friends in academics. Dayx keeps telling this to his grandmother.

It falls in pre-independence days in India. She used to wake him up during the school days and prepare breakfast for him.

He takes his family for granted and to some extent, it can be said that he is not given proper attention after his brother was born. His family comprises of his grandmother, mother, father, and mother.

The novel is full of humor and irony. A talkative man tries hard to swaji his listeners about his story. Mani is a very weak student academically.

Stay updated with KnowledgeMerger to know more about the latest novels summary, critical analysis, and character sketch. Besides, Swami got some advanced subjects which are beyond the experience and expertise of the grandmother.


Leela lost her necklace and after few days it was found in a jar in the kitchen. Join The Discussion Cancel reply. Deven Bhojwani found success after his debut with this show. Narayan’s indebtedness to Greene is inscribed on the front endpaper of a copy of Swami and Friends Narayan presented to Greene: Swami and Friends is the first of a trilogy of novels written by R. Swami tries every time and again to win sympathy for his grandmother.

He believes in self-respect. On being told by his father to put the throw out the spider from his book self he keeps it in his pocket. Wondering what the cast has been doing since the last three decades? As mentioned above, Swaminathan is a loafer. Swami felt really exasperated for this.

Also, writes mean stuff once in a while.

Malgudi Days – Season 1 – IMDb

Kaley September 25, While Swami attended school his grandmother would study the scriptures in the temple which his nearby his school. He does not care to bully anyone coming in his path. Narayan —English language novelist from India.

Moreover, he also called Krishna as the Arch Scoundrel as he stole butter and danced with girls.