Is there a “User” oriented manual that explains how Mantis is intended to be used in a software development environment, one that has at least. 7 MANTIS developers’ guide. 27 Access to the Mantis source code for installation: git clone MANTIS is a free, open source bug tracking software. It can be used to track bug for various software projects. You can easily download and.

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MantisBT Development Team mantisbt-dev lists.

Mantis Installation

Abstract This book is targeted at MantisBT administrators, and documents the installation, upgrade, configuration, customization and administration tasks required to operate the software.

Who manjal read this manual?

How to get it? About the Name 1. Server Hardware Requirements 2. Server Software Requirements 2. Configure your installation 2. Post-installation and upgrade tasks 2.

Creating User Accounts 3. Deleting User Accounts 3. Forgot Password and Reset Password 3. Impersonating a user 3. Pruning User Accounts 3.

Authorization and Access Levels 3. Auto Creation of Accounts on Login 3. Issue Lifecycle and Workflow 4. Security and Cryptography 5. Signup and Manuap Password 5.

Global authentication parameters 5. LDAP authentication method parameters 5. My View Settings 5. System Logging and Debugging 5. Disabling the webservice API 5. Maanual Page Settings 6. View Issues page 6. Issue View page 6. Issue Change Status page 6. Issue Edit page 6. My Account Page 6. System Management Pages 6. Manage Projects Page 6.

Manage Custom Fields 6. Manage Global Profiles 6. Assign to Me 6. Custom Field Definition 7. Localizing Custom Field Names 7. Dynamic default values 7. Dynamic values for Enumeration Custom Fields 7. Customizing Status Values 7. Default Custom Functions 7. Example Custom Function Override 8. Deprecated authentication methods 9. Error – Invalid form security token Contributing to MantisBT Talent and Time Recommend MantisBT to Others Blog about MantisBT Integrate with MantisBT A.

MantisBT is a web based bug tracking system that was first made available to the public in November This manual is targeted for the person responsible for evaluating, installing and maintaining MantisBT in a company. Typically we refer to this person as the MantisBT administrator.


MantisBT is free to use and modify. It is free to redistribute as long as you abide by the distribution terms of the GPL.

MantisBT is available in several Linux distributions including: Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, Frugalware and others. Hence, if you are running Linux, start by checking if your distribution has a package for MantisBT. If not, or if the package is not up-to-date with the latest MantisBT version, then you may want to download it directly from here. The download is compressed in tar. Both formats can be unpacked using tools like 7-Zip in case of Windows. Note that at any point in time there are typically two “latest” MantisBT releases that are available for download.

The latest production release stableand the latest development release which can be an alpha or a release candidate. It is not recommended to use development releases in production specially if it is still in the alpha stage unless the administrator is familiar with PHP and is able to troubleshoot and fix any issues that may arise. When initially seeking to name this project Ken ran into a problem every programmer encounters.

What is a good name? It has to be descriptive, unique, and not too verbose. Additionally having multiple meanings would be a nice touch. Drawing inspiration from Open Source projects like Apache, Mozilla, Gnome, and so forth resulted in two eventual choices: Dragonfly was already the name of a webmail package. So the name became Mantis.

Praying Mantis are insects that feed primarily on other insects and bugs.

They are extremely desirable in agriculture as they devour insects that feed on crops. They are also extremely elegant looking creatures. So, we have a name that is fairly distinctive and descriptive in multiple ways. The BT suffix stands for “Bug Tracker” and distinguishes this project from general usage of the word Mantis.

However, over time the project was typically referred to as Mantis. Kenzaburo Mantisbtt and a friend originally created a bug tracker as an internal tool for their pet project.

User’s Manual – Mantis Bug Tracker – Forums

A search for good, free packages came up with nothing suitable so they wrote their own. The GPL was chosen partly because of his belief that development tools should be cheap or free. Manuak marks a new era in MantisBT lifetime where it is now a team project. There are plenty of resources to help answer support queries.

  LEY 13064 PDF

MANTIS Bug Tracker Tutorial For Beginners

Following are the main ones:. Forums – The forums are one of the most popular destinations for getting MantisBT support. Start off by searching the forums for your questions, manuap not found, then go ahead and submit a question.

Mailing lists – Several lists are available, each of them with its own, specific purpose. Note that posting messages is restricted to subscribers so you will have to register before you can send messages; however, there are public archives available if you’re only interested in reading.

Gitter is a browser-based, on-line chat that mantisgt mainly replaced the team’s use of IRC. In the main chat room, you can have a live discussion with the developers and other MantisBT users. IRC – The IRC channel not very active anymore, as the developers have moved on to using Gitter for live discussions; nevertheless, the channel is still open.

There are many free IRC clients: Search – A good way for locating an answer to your question or finding more information about a topic is to search across all MantisBT website and the Internet via your favorite search engine, e. Also, our bug tracker is reserved for reporting issues with the software, and must not be used for support requests. We send release announcements and important updates to users registered on our official bugtracker. To get onto our mailing list, users will have manial signup there and verify their email address.

This same account can also be used to report, monitor, and comment on issues relating to MantisBT. Users are encouraged to subscribe to the RSS feed to mantissbt when new posts are posted there. Twitter is used to notify users mantisgt up-to-date details about what is happening with MantisBT development.

Twitter users are encouraged to follow ” mantisbt”. Our release numbering convention follows the guidelines of Semantic Versioning.