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Use Cases are descriptions of the typical interactions between the users of a system and the system itself.

Visual representation of an entity in an ER Diagram. Stands for protected operations. Collaboration Diagrams show umnrello interactions occurring between the objects participating in a specific situation.

Classes can inherit from interfaces through a realisation association and instances can then be made of these diagrams. State Diagrams view Objects as state machines or finite automates that can be in one of a set of finite states and that can change its state via one of manaul finite set of stimuli.

Activity Diagrams support sequential as well as parallel Activities. In Sequence Diagrams objects are represented through vertical dashed lines, with the name of the Object on the top. Attributes can also be displayed with their visibility:. Object is created Object receives message listen A Client requests a connection over the network A Client terminates a request The request is executed and terminated Object receives message stop etc.

Manual UML Modeller Umbrello – [PDF Document]

Common examples include integers and booleans. Deployment diagrams show the runtime component instances and their associations. Enums are a simple list of values. A Use Case describes — from the point of view of the actors — a group of activities in a system that produces moreller concrete, tangible result. An actor is an external entity outside of the system that interacts with the system by participating and often initiating a Use Case. The set of attributes declared as unique are unique to the entity.


An Activity is a single step in a process.

Manual UML Modeller Umbrello

They are special in that there is no event that can cause an Object to return to its Start state, in the same way as there is no event that can possible take an Object out of its End state once it has reached it. Actors do not represent the physical people or systems, but their role.

In UMLassociations are represented as lines connecting the classes participating in the relationship, and can also show the role and the multiplicity of each of the participants. They also show interfaces and objects class instances. They include Nodes which are physical resources, moveller a single computer. It is important to modsller that Use Case Diagrams are not suited to represent the design, and cannot describe the internals of a system. Activity Diagrams describe the sequence of activities in a system with the help of Activities.

Activity Diagrams are a special form of State Diagrams, that only or mostly contains Activities.

Manual de Umbrello UML Modeller

There are two special types of States: Ready Listening Working Stopped. State Diagrams show the different states moodeller an Object during its life and the stimuli that cause the Object to change its state. The columns in the referenced table must form a primary key or unique key. Disjoint Specialization specifies that the subclasses of the specialization must be disjoint.


They exist only u,brello the whole, and if the whole is destroyed the parts die too.

Associations can have a role that specifies the purpose of the association and can be uni- or bidirectional indicates if the two objects participating in the relationship can send messages to the other, of if only one of them knows about the other.

Text lines are useful to add short text information to a diagram. This means that when a person interacts with the system in different ways assuming different roles he will be represented by several actors.

Use Case Diagrams are meant to facilitate the communication with the future users of the system, and with the customer, and are specially helpful to determine the required features the system is to have. The concepts and notations for EER diagrams used in Umbrello are from the following book: It can refer to a single or multiple columns of the table. There can be many unique constraints on an Entity. Datatypes are primitives which are typically built into a programming language.